Sto­ries for Mus­lim Kids Take me

The Miracle - - Youth - By Sheikh Dr Yasir Qadhi from the USA.

In Ghana, a re­porter for a Turk­ish news­pa­per was tak­ing some video footage with a drone when it mis­tak­enly landed in front of a poor man’s house. The man was de­lighted. He picked the drone up and as he was re­turn­ing it to the jour­nal­ist, he asked,”Do you have one large enough to take me for Hajj ?” The re­porter laughed. He took a photo of the man and posted the fol­low­ing im­age and the man’s ques­tion onto his Twit­ter page. Sub­hanAl­lah*! The tweet* went vi­ral* and many peo­ple got to know about the man’s wish. All the read­ers saw was the sin­cere man’s photo and the story. The story touched many hearts in­deed. In one short ques­tion, the man was able to ex­press a thought and de­sire that must have been grow­ing in­side of him for many decades. Lo and be­hold, Al­lah* soon an­swered the needy man’s du’aa*! Al­lah en­abled Turkey’s For­eign Min­istry, some char­i­ties and spon­sors to come for­ward. They do­nated money to the man whose name we now know. He is called Al-Has­san Abdullah. And, guess what? Al-Has­san Abdullah will per­form the Hajj this year. Al­ham­dulil­lah*! Moral: Just imag­ine the dream that Al-Has­san Ab- dul­lah had. Can you pic­ture how of­ten and how sin­cerely he would have re­quested Al­lah to make this jour­ney pos­si­ble. He must have made many, many du’aa to Al­lah, ask­ing Al­lah to make him go to Hajj. It must have seemed im­pos­si­ble for Al-Has­san Abdullah, but he did not give up mak­ing du’aa. He had no money, no pass­port, no means to get out of his vil­lage. And yet, out of nowhere, a small aerial* mes­sen­ger came and landed in front of his house, a har­bin­ger* of big­ger news. This story re­minds us of a quote from the Qu­ran,“…And who­ever fears Al­lah – He will make for him a way out. And will pro­vide for him from where he does not ex­pect. And who­ever re­lies upon Al­lah – then He is suf­fi­cient for him...” (Qu­ran; 65:2 and 65:3) Who­ever puts his trust in Al­lah, Al­lah will pro­vide for him from where he never sus­pected. Du’aa is the weapon of the be­liever. The be­liever uses it to fight each and ev­ery bat­tle, even those that seemed un­winnable. For when Al­lah wishes vic­tory for you, no one can pos­si­bly de­feat you. Al­lah will cre­ate armies for you. Al­lah will bring the world’s peo­ple and money to your doorstep to an­swer your call.

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