Where is GOD?’

The Miracle - - Opinion - By: Gulshan Aalani

Most ter­ri­fy­ing dev­as­tat­ing an­other shoot­ing in Las Ve­gas killing 59 peo­ple and about 527 in­jured. The gun­man Stephen Pad­dock ei­ther a fake Chris­tian like fake Mus­lim or an ig­no­rant hate-mon­ger ter­ror­ist fired on a crowded coun­try mu­sic fes­ti­val from his van­tage point in a ho­tel nearby.

He must be pos­sessed by the devil, as all the ter­ror­ists are pos­sessed by the evil spirit-Demons whether it be Daesh (ISIS) or any oth­ers com­mit­ting such heinous crimes or prac­tic­ing anti-GOD man-made re­li­gions.

Such ter­ror­ism can only be de­scribed as devil’s work, which ob­vi­ously makes peo­ple scream: “Where is GOD? I would say the ques­tion should be: Where are gods? As so many re­li­gions have their own gods they wor­ship, de­spite GOD’S com­mand against it, even the Bi­ble for­bids it. Their prayer places have Icons and other ob­jects for their Pa­gan cer­e­monies to please the false gods they love. Even though they might claim to be­lieve in One GOD but their places of wor­ship speaks a thou­sands words: they have their own gods whom they bow, pros­trate, pray and glo­rify, but get noth­ing in re­turn, not even safety.

Some from sur­face pre­tend to be­lieve in Al­lah and Is­lam but in fact are anti-Is­lam, anti-Al­lah, anti-Qu­ran us­ing the fake ID of Mus­lim like Daesh car­ry­ing fake Is­lamic flag. Cheat­ing peo­ple is one thing but cheat­ing GOD Almighty heinous crime.

Such are un­aware of the Holy Scriptures, the Prophets and Mes­sen­gers nor know the An­gels who are the helpers and pro­tec­tors. By such Pa­gan prac­tices one losses the Divine pro­tec­tion, and the evil spirit is en­cour­aged, en­tic­ing an en­mity against GOD and between peo­ple, mis­guid­ing them to do the op­po­site of what Almighty GOD has com­manded. The Divine com­mand of killing civil­ians at ran­dom is il­le­gal-sin and so the killer can never be de­scribed as a Chris­tian or a Mus­lim, but a fake Chris­tian and a fake Mus­lim that also would elim­i­nate the most abu­sive words ‘Is­lamist’ or ‘Is­lamic ter­ror­ist’.

Why blame the re­li­gion Is­lam for the devil’s work who whis­pers to the weak ones to go and kill? The Devil Ib­lis/Lu­cifer is anti-Al­lah-Cre­ator, hates HIM and HIS Divine re­li­gions, due to the fact that Evil Ib­lis was pun­ished for dis­obe­di­ence to GOD’s com­mand and was ex­pelled out of the Par­adise to the Earth and so the Devil out of jeal­ousy and anger is try­ing to take re­venge by mis­guid­ing GOD’S fol­low­ers, by whis­per­ing in the ears of in­no­cent peo­ple to dis­obey the real Almighty GOD, dis­card the Qu­ran and other Scriptures and in­spires to hate hu­man be­ings, and kill in the name of GOD.

May Almighty GOD Al­lah-Cre­ator pro­tect us by recit­ing: “I seek refuge in Al­lah from the ac­cursed Satan..

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