Cait­lan Cole­man breaks si­lence on cap­tiv­ity, says ‘was in Pak­istan for more than a year’

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Dis­put­ing claims about her res­cue, the re­cently re­cov­ered Cait­lan Cole­man has said that she was in Pak­istan for at least a year be­fore she was “res­cued” by Pak­istan Army in an op­er­a­tion near the Pak-Afghan bor­der ear­lier this month.While speak­ing to the Toronto Star in her first in­ter­view since her re­cov­ery, Cole­man said: “Right now, ev­ery­body’s shunt­ing blame and mak­ing claims. Pak­istan says no, they were never in Pak­istan un­til the end. The US says, no they were al­ways in Pak­istan; it was Pak­istan’s re­spon­si­bil­ity. But nei­ther of those are true.”She also said that she is cer­tain that they were held in both Afghanistan and Pak­istan. “We were not cross­ing into Pak­istan that day. We had been in Pak­istan for more than a year at that point.” Cole­man, an Amer­i­can na­tional, re­vealed in the in­ter­view — pub­lished on Mon­day — that the couple was moved to Pak­istan im­me­di­ately af­ter be­ing kid­napped in Afghanistan. ”They first took us out of Afghanistan; it was sev­eral days’ drive,” said Cole­man, who still wears a hi­jab af­ter be­ing re­leased. She re­fused to com­ment on whether the couple has con­verted to Is­lam. She said that her kid­nap­pers took them to Mi­ramshah in North Waziris­tan where they were kept for almost a year, adding that they knew where they were be­cause her hus­band, Joshua Boyle, could un­der­stand some Farsi. “It was very bad. My hus­band and I were sep­a­rated at that time. He wasn’t al­lowed to see Na­jaeshi or spend any time with us.” Na­jaeshi Jonah is their old­est son. “Then we were moved to the north of Mi­ramshah, to the house of a man who said he was called Mah­moud. He was very nice to Na­jaeshi and would pro­vide us with ameni­ties [that] we wouldn’t have oth­er­wise,” she told the Toronto Star. “He would take Na­jaeshi out to get him sun­light and no­body else did that at any other point.” She does not ex­actly re­mem­ber the events around her res­cue but does re­call a gun bat­tle while she was in the trunk of a car. “Our first fear — why we were not pok­ing our heads up and yelling for help — was that it was an­other gang try­ing to kid­nap us. Pos­si­bly just part of the Haqqani net­work fight­ing with an­other part. They’re all just ban­dits,” she said about her res­cue. “You’re a pris­oner for so long, you’re so sus­pi­cious. I was still think­ing we don’t know th­ese peo­ple, we don’t know where they’re tak­ing us.” Of her re­ac­tion on re­al­is­ing it was the Pakistani forces and not an­other group of cap­tors, she said: “I think I was mostly just in shock.” While re­veal­ing de­tails of the res­cue, Pak­istan Army had said that the fam­ily had been moved from Afghanistan into Pak­istan the day the op­er­a­tion took place, not ear­lier.

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