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The Miracle - - Women - By: Asma Sh­mas Asma Shums <as­mashums@gmail.com>

We all were thin­Ning last weeN whom to vote for and had a Tues tion in the bacN of their mind why on what ba­sis do we de­cide whom to vote for. We are given right to se­lect de­cide and ac­cept cer­tain things and peo­ple. This is very big re­spon­si­bil­ity. )reedom is very im por­tant and se­ri­ous re­spon­si­bil­ity. It is deci sion power given to one­self with the pacN age of its con­seTuences. At the same time to have one s rights to have is also a very big re­spon­si­bil­ity to enMoy as it comes with the aware­ness of wor­thy of our rights and du­ties to­wards peo­ple who do their duty to give us our rights. : DW )R What­ever we do we would liNe to do or we want wish for we have to asN our­selves What for . What is that thought that be­lief or prin­ci­ple we be­lieve in what is our in­ten tion be­hind it. The in­ten­tion or niyat as it is called maNes us con­vert it into ac­tion. 2ur in­ten­tion maNes us walN on cer­tain roads which lead us to the place where we stand where we cre­ate our past present and fu­ture. This af­fects not only us but oth­ers as well. 7RS 7R RWWRP It is very easy to fall from first steps to the bot­tom or other steps. It is dif­fi­cult to climb so fast. (very hu­man be­ing thinNs or acts be­haves and changes ac­cord­ing to this or her per­son­al­ity how he or she is grown up from the genes he or she is born with to how one grows from child­hood. The in­ner good or bad Tual­i­ties in­side a per­son al­ways re­main in him or her. es of course education good train­ing at­ten­tion to life maNes any per­son. ome­times a per­son changes from out­side but deep in­side he is the same. ome peo­ple real ly worN on them­selves and change for bet­ter. (G FD­WLR D G 6RFLHW (duca­tion plays very piv­otal role in one s life. y education we do not mean only booN Nnowl­edge but a Nnowl­edge which is grasped thoughts which are learned and given at­ten­tion to. We are en­cour­aged to do vol­un­teer worN from our schools commu nity. This puts the seed of serv­ing hu­man ity be­ing Nind and serves the fel­low hu­man be­ings and so­ci­ety at large it teaches us to tol­er­ance soft­ness abil­ity to feel pain and prob­lems of other hu­man be­ings.

7 H &L FOH When any hu man be­ing is taught good val ues good be­hav ior in the fam­ily it grows fur­ther in schools and uni­ver­si­ties he or she gets the di­rec­tion of life ca­reer and be­comes worth citi en. When peo­ple are gen­uinely in­volved in serv­ing the so­ci­ety or some peo­ple who reach that stage in their lives where they are ca­pa­ble of serv­ing the hu­man ity with their thoughts ac­tions and re sources. They should come for­ward and we should elect them. It is manda­tory to have the love and ef­forts of so­cial

ser­vices in a per­son. This is very re­sponsi ble field which is di­rectly con­nected to the growth of so­ci­ety. HDW 5HVSR VLELOLW oth can­di­dates and vot­ers are eTually re spon­si­ble for the fu­ture of so­ci­ety. What is hap­pen­ing to­day is go­ing to play a maMor role in cre­at­ing his­tory for fu­ture gen­er­a­tion. 1o vot­ing is small. 7 H 5ROH RI +DSS )DPLO The Tual­i­ties the be­liefs prin­ci­ples hon esty Mus­tice right or wrong be­ing fair aware­ness of each other s rights and du­ties im­por­tance of shar­ing be­ing Nind and help ful dis­ci­pline etc. all these Tual­i­ties are in­stilled on a large scale from child­hood that goes far­ther in a per­son when he or she grows up to be adult. HWWH / FN 1H W 7LPH /et us pre­pare our chil­dren to be wor­thy hu­man be­ings to be good citi ens in the fu ture and let us cre­ate a so­ci­ety by our ef­forts where the atmosphere be­comes bet­ter for the fu­ture. Info

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