HCI hosted Imam .halid Latif 5 .

The Miracle - - Front Page - By: Ish­tiaq Salim

uman &on­cern In­ter­na­tional hosted Imam .halid /atif from 1ew orN niver­sity for a fun drais­ing event in sup­port of or phans of the 5ohingya cri­sis in angladesh. The ur­rey event was part of the Western &anada tour or­gan­ised by &I that also cov­ered (dmon­ton and /ac /a iche. This brunch event on un­day 2cto­ber was held in the 9il lage bar­beTue restau­rant where at­ten­dees enMoyed de­li­cious tra di­tional halva puri en­er­ous do­na­tions from the com­mu­nity mem­bers and lo­cal 0us­lim or­gani ations in to­tal raised over . At per month per child this will sus tain needy chil­dren for one year. ome com­mu­nity mem bers com­mit­ted to spon­sor­ing chil­dren on go­ing. Imam /atif shared his own ex pe­ri­ence of vis­it­ing the refugee camp in angladesh with pow er­ful im­agery and sto­ries of the daily strug­gle for fam­i­lies. is at­ten­tion to de­tail of the con di­tions in the refugee camps re­ally am­pli­fied the grav­ity of the sit­u­a­tion fac­ing the chil­dren there. peaNers from lo­cal com­mu­nity in­cluded as­min llah a 5oh ingya her­self with a pow­er­ful poem Aysha .han and a pas sion­ate reTuest by 9ice 3resi dent of the &0A hawNat asan amongst oth­ers. The &I team from Toronto abeeb Ali came from Al­berta leg of the tour with Imam /atif and were hosted by lo­cal or gan­is­ers aroon .han 3&A ousaf araNat Arab )orum )urTuan ehlen &ana­dian 3eace Ini­tia­tive and /ocal &I oard rep Ish­tiaT alim. Ish­tiaT wanted peo­ple to note that &I

has an on­go­ing com­mit­ment to child spon­sor­ship and en­cour­aged fur­ther do­na­tions for spon­sor­ship on line to any of the &I child spon­sor­ship pro­grams. ou too can help to Neep a child safe and healthy for per month for one year. https www.hu­man­con­cern.org or­phan care

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