‘ anger of )ab­u­lous )reedom’

The Miracle - - Editorial - By: Gul­shan Aalani

8ndoubt­edly, democ­racy and ‘)reedom’ of all kinds is most loved in every cor­ner of this world. (spe­cially the )reedom of us­age of eadly drugs that has be­come most cel­e­brated day of hap­pi­ness. (very young peo­ple, even the Po­lice of­fi­cers have free­dom to en­joy the joy­ous day of ‘ anger­ous rugs’. Prov­ing the democ­racy and free­dom goes hand in hand and is for all. 8nfor­tu­nately, peo­ple aren’t aware of kinds of free­dom. 2ne is known as ‘clean free­dom’ con­tains the warn­ing of ‘5ed tape and 5ed Light’ rules and restric­tions of ethics, le­gal and il­le­gal of .os­her and Halal life style of good and evil or­dained by the Supreme-Be­ing Lord of the 8ni­verse. is­re­gard­ing the 5ed tape the clean free­dom turns into the dan­ger­ous filthy free­dom and dirty democ­racy that ru­ins the lives. The le­gal­iza­tion of Pot, Cannabis and all the other dan­ger­ous rugs is de­scribed as ‘Sticky sit­u­a­tion’. As it’s tragic im­pact is al­ready shown in some over­dosed peo­ple end­ing up in the Hospi­tal. In­clud­ing some chil­dren by eat­ing sweets and cook­ies that con­tains the drug-chem­i­cals. Also it’s dan­ger­ous ef­fect and bit­ter re­sults are show­ing in the bad ag­gres­sive be­hav­ior, loos­ing tem­per, road rage, fight­ing and im­pair driv­ing. That also warns us to keep calm, no re­tal­i­a­tion and ig­nore the an­gry ones on drugs. Though, It is most ab­surd to give this free­dom to nawve young ones aged , , or yrs. who gets over­whelmed eas­ily and gets trapped in ec­stasy of false hap­pi­ness and en­joy­ment. As these drugs con­tains THC and other chem­i­cals that af­fects the brain’s chem­istry by re­leas­ing a high level of sero­tonin, which plays a role in reg­u­lat­ing mood and be­hav­ior. The Safety of kids of any age should be the first pri­or­ity for par­ents, who need to ed­u­cate and warn the chil­dren not to ac­cept any sweets or cook­ies from any­one as it is re­ported ummy bear sweets and cook­ies, con­tains these drugs. Although, the rugs used for the Med­i­cal us­age that can­not be avoided. The other most dan­ger­ous ways of grow­ing Mar­i­juana in the apart­ments that will def­i­nitely be fall of Sale of apart­ments. More­over, the Lead con­tam­i­na­tion of drink­ing :ater in some (le­men­tary Schools that has be­come con­tentious is­sue for School Board and so the School chil­dren should be warned about it to avoid Tape water and drink the Bot­tled water for their health safety. Also, avoid the im­i­ta­tion cos­tume -ewelry for Chil­dren and grown ups that con­tains Lead, toxic can­cer caus­ing Cad­mium and car­cino­gens.

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