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So how was your week? Last week mine was like an ad­ven­ture all in it­self. I got a brain scan MRI done be­fore they took me to Hal­i­fax by am­bu­lance. My fa­ther came with me to help me get around and to take care of me.

They told me what they were go­ing to do to me, then they gave me my check up and said that they would have to have me up this week to get a face mask and mark­ing done. So I will be go­ing up to­mor­row to get that done then home again so they can match up the MRI scan with the one they had taken here. And yes it did in­volve a nee­dle. Those of you that know me, you know how much I hate nee­dles, but for a dif­fer­ent hospi­tal and peo­ple that don’t re­ally know me it went very well, only two tries. Woohoo!

Yes, I’m still drink­ing the wa­ter so I never have to go through de­hy­dra­tion again. That was the worse feel­ing I can re­mem­ber in a long while.

When we got back from Hal­i­fax I was to still stay in pal­lia­tive care for al­most the rest of the week. The nurses and staff are so nice there. When you’re not feel­ing good that’s the nicest place you could be stay­ing.

I am go­ing to Hal­i­fax to­mor­row again to get ready for the

ra­di­a­tion, but I will not be get­ting the ra­di­a­tion done to­mor­row. They have a plan to only ra­di­ate and not go with the op­er­a­tion – woohoo– so we will see if that kills it all. Then we can get wor­ry­ing about killing the other spots with my reg­u­lar chemo or some­thing new. I don’t like it just sit­ting there and not blast­ing it with any­thing. We tried that be­fore and it went crazy on me and I ended up with new spots ev­ery­where. So keep your fin­gers crossed for me this week be­cause they may do it some­time this week or the first of next week. I need all the prayers and good vibes I can get. But you know, with all of you out there root­ing for me, I will be fine. Like Ella al­ways said at yoga class, “It’s a piece of cake.” Ha.

I’m on steroids again, so I’m eat­ing ev­ery­thing in sight. I guess for now that’s good so I have a lit­tle ex­tra to fight with. I’m still hav­ing all the spots and lights flash­ing be­fore my eyes from this tu­mor, so hope­fully that will be all gone after they get rid of the tu­mor and they are keep­ing the headaches un­der bay so that sure is good, but I feel like my stom­ach is bloated and I just can’t get com­fort­able. I feel like ev­ery­thing is too tight.

Janet and I went for a walk around the farm­ers mar­ket this week. I get very in­spired when I go to look at the work the crafters do, so out came the jew­elry mak­ing things and I sat as long as I could and I started mak­ing Hal­loween jew­elry. This morn­ing I went and took my wears to the fancy new store in Westville to see if they were in­ter­ested. Sure they were. So if you drop into their store at 1822 Main St in Westville, it’s called the Down­town Ex­change.

My brother’s birth­day was last week. Happy Birth­day James. Hope you had a great day. I had one of the best thanks­giv­ing’s I’ve had in years. Carol and Wayne came over to share it with me and my youngest brother and his girl­friend Wanda and her daugh­ter Emily all dropped into visit while they were in Westville. They couldn’t stay long be­cause the drive back to Amherst takes a while. I was glad to see every­one, and yes that evening I ended over at the hospi­tal. My wrist was so sore I couldn’t take the pain, but the doc­tor told me to take Advil and it re­ally helped a lit­tle, ha.

The lady that asked if my grand­mother Florence Daye and Rae Bark­house were re­lated. Yes, they were sis­ters. I re­mem­ber my grand­mother go­ing to visit the Kennedy’s a lot. Both their last maiden names were Slade.

Thank you all for your beau­ti­ful cards and gifts.

Thank you and lots of love go­ing out to the Bel­mont Bap­tist Church in Bel­mont. You have been with me since al­most the be­gin­ning and you will be there to the end too. It is such a beau­ti­ful church in the coun­try and the peo­ple are just as beau­ti­ful. They never for­get me and they never give up on me. So I need your prayers a lot this week and all the good vibes you can send out to me. Thank you again.

I hope you took a minute to look around the Thanks­giv­ing table and say thank you God for putting me in is this place to­day with all the peo­ple I love and love me. God Bless you

Have a good week folks … and, yes, that’s enough pump­kin pie. Give the rest away.

Kathy Gole­meic is un­der­go­ing cancer treat­ments and writes about her ex­pe­ri­ences each week.

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