Live Out­side the Or­di­nary tagline scrapped


Coun­cil has deep-sixed the pro­posed new city tagline Live Out­side the Or­di­nary.

In­stead, they voted to have city staff come up with some new op­tions for pro­ceed­ing with the new city re­brand­ing ex­er­cise.

City trea­surer San­dra Clancy said that could mean tweak­ing the cur­rent tagline – It’s a Nat­u­ral – which coun­cil­lors said they pre­fer, and then com­ing up with a new logo.

“I’d like some time to come back with some op­tions for you,” Clancy said.

This is the sec­ond time coun­cil has re­jected a pro­posed tagline from lo­cal mar­ket­ing firm BrandHealth: the first one, Where Roads and Rivers Meet, was dumped by coun­cil in the sum­mer af­ter it was widely panned by the pub­lic.

Yet some cit­i­zens were equally unhappy with Live Out­side the Or­di­nary, which was pro­posed by the firm last week; there was much chat­ter about it on so­cial me­dia, over the last week.

The city is pay­ing BrandHealth $77,000 to de­velop a tagline, logo, colours and a guide­book ex­plain­ing how to use the new brand­ing in ma­te­rial re­lated to the city.

Coun. Keith Riel said no­body’s in love with ei­ther of BrandHealth’s taglines.

He said the feed­back he heard over Live Out­side the Or­di­nary has been poor – and he didn’t want to adopt it or con­tinue to use the ser­vices of BrandHealth.

“I’m for cut­ting our losses and keep­ing the tagline we have,” Riel said, re­fer­ring to Peter­bor­ough – It’s a Nat­u­ral.

Coun. Don Vass­dil­iadis said maybe coun­cil is over­think­ing the tagline – and maybe the cur­rent one, It’s a Nat­u­ral, should stick (with new lo­gos and colours).

Coun. Dave Haacke said he hasn’t heard any pos­i­tive feed­back about Live Out­side the Or­di­nary – and he thinks It’s a Nat­u­ral may well be the best tagline for the city.

But Coun. Dan McWil­liams said he’s up­set with the idea of stick­ing to the “same old” tagline.

He urged coun­cil­lors to think more pro­gres­sively and adopt BrandHealth’s lat­est sug­ges­tion.

“C’mon guys – let’s move ahead here,” he said.

Coun. Gary Bald­win said the colour scheme and logo is miss­ing, so it’s too soon to de­cide.

“We don’t have the com­plete pack­age,” he said.

He also said he doesn’t think cit­i­zens will be happy with any new tagline, at this point.

But Coun. Dean Pap­pas said he heard noth­ing but ter­ri­ble feed­back on Live Out­side the Or­di­nary, and he won­dered whether cit­i­zens could re­ceive a num­ber of op­tions and then of­fer their opin­ions.

Coun. Les­ley Par­nell said she doesn’t like Live Out­side the Or­di­nary – and she heard from many con­stituents that they don’t like it ei­ther.

She sug­gested “flip­ping” the tagline to Live the Ex­tra­or­di­nary, which leaves out the neg­a­tive con­no­ta­tion of the word ‘or­di­nary’.

“But we’ll never, ever please every­one.”

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