T. A. Lo­ef­fler Speaks with Grade 2s at St. Mary’s El­e­men­tary

The Telegram (St. John’s) - - LOCAL - BY: MS. PINSENT’S GRADE TWO CLASS

Dr. T. A. Lo­ef­fler, who is a fa­mous moun­tain climber, came to speak to St. Mary’s El­e­men­tary Grade Twos on Thurs­day, May 8th. We had a lot of ques­tions to ask her about her re­cent climb­ing ex­pe­di­tion to Mount Ever­est.

One of the first ques­tions was, “How tall is Mount Ever­est?” She said that it gets higher ev­ery year be­cause the plates un­der­neath it keep push­ing it up.

An­other in­ter­est­ing ques­tion was, “How do peo­ple mea­sure Mount Ever­est?” She said that we can use GPS and satel­lites to help us find out how tall it is. She told us that Mount Ever­est is on the bor­der of Nepal and Ti­bet, but Nepal mea­sures it at 8, 848 me­ters and Ti­bet at 8, 850 me­ters.

When we asked her how she trains she said that she plays ice hockey, climbs sig­nal hill with a tire, and does yoga.

We won­dered if there was food on Mount Ever­est and she said that there were av­o­ca­dos, man­gos, dates and cher­ries in the warmer areas but that it was hard to find food as you climbed the moun­tain.

We also asked her why she needed oxy­gen to climb. She ex­plained that as she gets higher up it gets harder to breathe, so the oxy­gen tank helps her to breath and climb eas­ier. Some­times the air pres­sure is so low that she needs to take four breaths be­fore climb­ing one step.

Dur­ing her visit she also told us a story about a dog who loved to steal eggs. Some­how he got up as far as Camp 2 be­fore they had to take him off the moun­tain!

We fin­ished our visit by giv­ing her the book Peg and the Yeti. Then we took a class pic­ture with Dr. Lo­ef­fler and thanked her for an­swer­ing all of our ques­tions. It was a won­der­ful morn­ing!

Submitted photo

Moun­tain climber T. A. Lo­ef­fler poses for a photo with Ms. Pinsent’s Grade Two Class at St. Mary’s El­e­men­tary stu­dents dur­ing a re­crnt visit.

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