Wash­ing­ton Vs. Pitts­burgh

The Telegram (St. John’s) - - LOCAL - BY: RYAN CUT­LER-SNELGROVE

The face­off started! Wash­ing­ton won it. Wash­ing­ton went up next to the net and they shoot and Pitts­burgh goalie saved it. A Wash­ing­ton player pushed the goalie on Pitts­burgh’s team so he went to the penalty box.

Pitts­burgh Power Play Line came on the ice. The face­off started for the power play. Pitts­burgh won it. Bryan Rust got the puck! He shoots he scores! One to noth­ing. Pitts­burgh lost an­other face­off against the Cap­i­tals.

When only 0.1 sec­onds were left the bell went. The play­ers got a break. Then the sec­ond pe­riod face­off started. Pitts­burgh won it but Wash­ing­ton took the puck from Pitts­burgh.

Wash­ing­ton shot the puck. An­other player on the Cap­i­tals shot it again and Mur­ray stopped it. Mur­ray is Pitts­burgh’s goalie. Pitts­burgh shot the puck 5 times and then there were 4 min­utes left in sec­ond pe­riod.

Braiden Holtby is the Caps goalie. He saved them 5 shots from the Pitts­burgh play­ers. Ring ring, up the bell went for third pe­riod. The Pens won the third pe­riod face­off. Pens is an­other word for Pitts­burgh. The Pens got the puck. They skated next to the Caps goalie and shot it.

It was a save by the Caps goalie. He got the puck but Crosby got a steal. He passed to Pa­trick Horn­qvist. Pa­trick shot it. It hit off Holtby. It went in the net. Pens won and they are go­ing against Ot­tawa for Semi Fi­nals.

Alex Ovechkin and Sid­ney Cros­bie dur­ing their se­ries in the re­cent Stan­ley Cup play­offs.

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