Car Talk: Mo­torist should check his “re­pairs”.


Ev­ery year, the well-known Amer­i­can firm J.D. Power sur­veys ve­hi­cle own­ers to de­ter­mine the most re­li­able brands on the mar­ket. It asks con­sumers who bought a new ve­hi­cle three years ago to re­port prob­lems that oc­curred in the last 12 months with their car or truck. Is­sues can be of the me­chan­i­cal type or even con­cern the ve­hi­cles’ in­fo­tain­ment sys­tem, and a ranking is es­tab­lished us­ing a co­ef­fi­cient called PP100, or the num­ber of prob­lems re­ported per 100 ve­hi­cles.

This year, Lexus and Porsche share first place in the list of the most re­li­able brands with a score of 110 PP100, or 1.1 prob­lems per ve­hi­cle. By the way, this isn’t any­thing new for Lexus, who has been ranking first for the last six years. In third place, we find Toy­ota with a score of 123 PP100, or 1.23 prob­lems per ve­hi­cle, fol­lowed by Buick (126 PP100) and Mercedes-benz (131 PP100). The Top 10 list is com­pleted by Hyundai (133 PP100), who no­tably climbed from 19th place to sixth in a year, BMW (139 PP100), Chevro­let (142 PP100), Honda (143 PP100) and Jaguar (144 PP100). The in­dus­try aver­age this year is set at 156 PP100.

Ac­cord­ing to J.D. Power’s list, the least re­li­able brands are Ford (183 PP100), Ram (183 PP100), Dodge (187 PP100), In­finiti (203 PP100) and Jeep (209 PP100). How­ever, it’s Fiat that takes last place—by far— with a score of 298 PP100, 2.98 prob­lems per ve­hi­cle.

Amongst all the prob­lems re­ported by the own­ers sur­veyed by J.D. Power, 22% of all own­ers’ com­plaints con­cerned their ve­hi­cles’ in­fo­tain­ment, au­dio and nav­i­ga­tion sys­tems. While cars and trucks are me­chan­i­cally more re­li­able than be­fore, the num­ber of de­fec­tive bat­ter­ies that need re­place­ment is on the rise.


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