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Alex Te­sar’s ar­ti­cle about the elu­sive eastern cougar (“Big­foot on Four Paws,” March) quotes Steven Ma­clean, a re­tired li­brary as­sis­tant who has been col­lect­ing re­ports of cougar sight­ings in Nova Sco­tia. Ma­clean says of the cougar, “There’s a de­gree of be­liev­abil­ity that’s not there with, say, a lep­rechaun.” I would agree that the chance of find­ing an Ir­ish per­son who has ac­tu­ally seen a lep­rechaun is some­what close to zero. How­ever, that hardly jus­ti­fies deny­ing the ex­is­tence of these crea­tures.

Peter A. Mur­phy

Bramp­ton, ON

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