The Walrus - - SECRET AGENCY - by Shane Neil­son

Why does it hurt when emo­tion spills out of a body?

How does emo­tion spell body? What does it mean to be good? Why is the sur­plus of beauty ev­ery­where? What is the pass­word? Is there al­ways an­other way? What is the real word for real?

Is there room for one more? Is it meant to be? What is the sub­ject to time? Why are the painful ques­tions four words long or fewer? Why steel, steel, steel? Where is the path? What is a story?

How much more loss? Is this the end? Who are the dead?

Is there a rea­son? Is it safe? What re­mains? How come?

What about me? Am I good? Where can I hide? Am I al­lowed? Am I all in one piece? Am I alive? What’s in it for me? Where can I trade less for more? Am I be­ing ob­jec­tive here? Do I have to ac­cept this? What does my fa­ther’s face mean? Can Iescape? Can I take it with me when I go? Can I wake up now? Can I see change when it is com­ing or only when noth­ing is the same? What is my role in this dis­as­ter? Did I do the right thing?

Did I mean to? Am I right or wrong? Did I choose that? Am Ire­spon­si­ble? What do I know? All my life: What do I know?

When I say need, what do you hear? Can you hear me?

Do you have a se­cret? Are you talk­ing to me? I know you are, but what am I? Will you miss me? If I told you, would you be­lieve me? Can I ask you a ques­tion? Will you take care of me?

If I needed you, would you come? Can I help you? Why do you hate me so much? How can I make it bet­ter? What can I get for you?

Can you show me? Why do you talk about me that way? Will you hurt me and go on hurt­ing me? Can I count on you? Will you let me go? Do you be­lieve in me? When will you give me what I want?

Where do you hide? Will you wait? Where will you go? Why did you fuse the words pain and love? Were you born in a field or sui generis? How do you see your­self? Do you even have a plan? How do you get out of bed in the morn­ing? Did you think for just one sec­ond?

Are you high? What is your prob­lem? Are you sure? Do you care? What do you care? Why am I ask­ing? Are you se­ri­ous? How bad do you want it? Are you all in? Are you pro­tect­ing your­self? Are you in­sane? Are you both the rhyme and rea­son? Are you both ter­ri­ble act and the turn­ing sea­son?

Who is in­cluded in we? Do we be­long here? Are we there yet?

Can we stop now? Do we look at the sky hop­ing for de­liv­er­ance? Can we heal in story? Where did ev­ery­one go? Why must we fail? Why are we afraid? Do we pre­fer strength? Can we be se­ri­ous for a sec­ond? How did we get here? Can we work this out to­gether? Were we meant to be to­gether? Can we split the dif­fer­ence? Should we? Do we have com­mon ground or would we in an­other year, an­other sea­son? Yes. An­other sea­son. Are we in agree­ment? Is there any­thing else we can ar­gue about?

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