Colorado ZR2 ma­cho, ca­pa­ble

Road Test: 2017 Chevro­let Colorado ZR2

The Welland Tribune - - DRIVING -

LES­LEY WIM­BUSH at the ATV riders plow­ing through the water, send­ing up rooster tails of spray.

“That would make a fan­tas­tic pic­ture,” I said. “We gotta come back here when we’re done.” Fa­mous last words.

The com­bi­na­tion of fine sand and im­pres­sive sus­pen­sion cre­ate a cush­iony land­ing af­ter catch­ing air over a small berm. Nav­i­gat­ing a 30-de­gree banked turn with steep dirt walls was no prob­lem for the ZR2, which may as well have yawned.

Af­ter sev­eral hours of ex­plor­ing, we headed back to the trail­head and the afore­men­tioned pond. The mid­dle was pre­sum­ably deeper, so I pointed the truck’s nose across from where we’d seen the ATVs play­ing. Like choos­ing the red wire when you should’ve picked the yel­low, this was a very bad de­ci­sion. The flat shal­low sand abruptly ended, and the truck per­formed a sick­en­ing nose dive.

Ap­par­ently, the truck was perched at the rim of a pre­cip­i­tous drop. In full-on panic mode, and with dusk de­scend­ing, we sud­denly heard an ap­proach­ing dirt bike. Un­der dif­fer­ent cir­cum­stances, the ex­pres­sion on the rider’s face would have been funny.

We’re ex­tremely lucky. Our Sa­mar­i­tan on a KTM re­turned with two ATVs, whose driv­ers had just been pre­par­ing to leave. A quick yank with a tow strap, and the truck popped out like a cork — filthy, drip­ping, but mer­ci­fully run­ning. Park­ing it on an in­cline, I opened up the door and watched, stu­pe­fied, as the water poured out.

Two runs through the car wash and sev­eral hours with the shop-vac later, the Colorado ZR2 looked none the worse for wear. Nev­er­the­less, I shame­facedly let GM know of the ex­tent of my stu­pid­ity. For­tu­nately they were pretty un­der­stand­ing. Stuff some­times hap­pens.

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