Af­ter win­ter, the shift to the sec­ond sea­son, con­struc­tion, as road work and de­tours re­turn

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KING STREET IN ST. Ja­cobs is closed once again, but in dif­fer­ent spots, this con­struc­tion sea­son.

The Region of Water­loo is fin­ish­ing up the com­plete over­haul of the vil­lage’s main thruway un­til Au­gust, and have roads ripped up and de­tours in place again.

Project man­ager Ian Young says this year’s work is about bring­ing the rest of King Street into line with the work com­pleted last year.

“Be­tween Hach­born and Henry streets is a full road re­con­struc­tion. We are go­ing to be re­plac­ing some wa­ter­mains and san­i­tary sew­ers in that sec­tion, as well as a full re­con­struc­tion of the ac­tual as­phalt it­self,” he said, adding that there will be a facelift above ground as well. “We are also widen­ing the road a lit­tle bit for a com­bi­na­tion bike and buggy lanes through­out town, and we are re­plac­ing all the side­walks through there as well, usu­ally with a wider side­walk.”

King Street from the bridge, north to Sawmill Road is also closed, but will be open­ing up a bit sooner than the con­struc­tion site far­ther south. There is less work to be done and Young es­ti­mates it will be com­plete by mid-June.

“It won’t be closed for the en­tire con­struc­tion pe­riod be­cause it is a shorter sec­tion of road and there is no wa­ter­main or any­thing there. It will be about two and a half months it will be closed there,” he said. “What we are do­ing there is putting a side­walk in on the east side of the road, and re­plac­ing the road as­phalt and gravel and some storm sewer.”

Last year’s con­struc­tion sea­son in St. Ja­cobs started in April and ran un­til late October. When the project is com­plete, the region will have com­pletely re­con­structed King Street from Prin­tery Road to Sawmill Road.

Young says the region wants to work along­side the pub­lic while they fin­ish up the two-year project.

“If they have any ques­tions or concerns I am happy to take their call and deal with it. We ap­pre­ci­ate the pa­tience through­out this con­struc­tion and ap­pre­ci­ate that they are us­ing High­way 85 as much as pos­si­ble, and avoid­ing St. Ja­cobs un­less it is their des­ti­na­tion or have spe­cific busi­ness in town to min­i­mize the de­tour traf­fic that goes through our res­i­den­tial neigh­bour­hoods,” he said.

There is an­other road clo­sure in Wool­wich Town­ship. As of Apr. 10, stage 1 of the project com­menced, clos­ing Sawmill Road in Con­estogo from Flax Mill Drive to be­yond Glas­gow Street. Stage 2 is sched­uled to be­gin in July, and will shut down the in­ter­sec­tion of North­field Drive and Sawmill Road. Stage 3 and 4 follow, with a pre­dicted full project com­ple­tion by Nov. 30.

Sim­i­lar to the work be­ing done in St. Ja­cobs, the Con­estogo project is a full road re­con­struc­tion with the re­place­ment of the curbs, gut­ters, side­walks and storm sew­ers and new wa­ter­mains on both Sawmill and North­field.


Road clo­sures and de­tours have be­come com­mon­place in St. Ja­cobs the last cou­ple of years as the region re­con­structs King Street and en­vi­rons.

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