Elmira needs a bet­ter range of hous­ing op­tions

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To the Editor, THANK YOU TO JUDY Hiller for her let­ter a few weeks ago (Ob­server, Sept. 28/17) re­gard­ing hous­ing or lack thereof in Elmira. She hit the nail right on the head.

We sold our home in four days back in March and it be­came very quickly ap­par­ent to us that we’d have to leave Elmira. As much as we wanted to stay, there was noth­ing avail­able for us. We didn’t want to buy an­other home, so we’re now very happy and con­tent in Kitch­ener, with no plans of re­turn­ing to Elmira.

I’ve heard that the empty prop­erty across from Gale Pres­by­te­rian Church at the cor­ner of Barn­swal­low Drive and Church Street West will at some point soon be­come the home of yet an­other strip mall (which, may I add, is the last thing Elmira needs an­other of). It’s a real shame that more af­ford­able and ac­ces­si­ble hous­ing for any bud­get is not avail­able. In­stead, we have big homes on tiny lots that cost any­where from $200,000$600,000, which some peo­ple sim­ply can’t af­ford or have no in­ter­est in buy­ing.

There are so many prop­er­ties in town not be­ing used that have so much po­ten­tial for apart­ments or small homes. The old Food­land build­ing down­town, the for­mer River­side Pub­lic School (ap­par­ently the board’s re­fus­ing to sell it and is cur­rently us­ing it for stor­age). Why not sell it and use some of the money to buy the new school new play­ground equip­ment in­stead of mak­ing the school’s par­ent coun­cil raise money for it? I can’t imag­ine that the equip­ment is cheap and ap­par­ently the equip­ment at the old school no longer meets safety stan­dards.

There’s also the old ap­ple or­chard on Union Street, or cor­ner of Union and Arthur streets kitty-cor­ner to Cross­roads Restau­rant, just to name a few.

It would be so nice if some­body took the bull by the horns and made some new and de­cent places for peo­ple to live.


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