Tools of the Trade

What ev­ery home pot farmer needs

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Grow tent

A fab­ric en­clo­sure that re­sem­bles an IKEA wardrobe, with a re­flec­tive in­te­rior. It con­trols light, man­ages mois­ture and mit­i­gates odour. $100 to $200.

ex­haust fan

It sucks spent air out of the grow tent, al­low­ing fresh car­bon diox­ide to en­ter the tent’s vents and feed the gar­den. $75 to $140.


Fab­ric pots do an ex­cel­lent job of re­tain­ing mois­ture while still al­low­ing roots to breathe. $20 to $30 for a set of four.

Car­bon fil­ter

It at­taches to the ex­haust fan and traps fra­grant par­ti­cles to keep your apart­ment from smelling like Snoop Dogg’s boudoir. $80 to $100.


Mir­a­cle-Gro isn’t go­ing to cut it, un­less you’re us­ing your ex­pen­sive grow kit to raise be­go­nias. Look for plant food that’s spe­cially for­mu­lated for cannabis. $20 to $40.

Grow liGht

Ce­ramic metal halide lights are bright and re­li­able, mak­ing them a good choice for a first-time grower. LEDs can be pricier but are more en­ergy ef­fi­cient, mean­ing they’ll keep elec­tric­ity costs down over time. From $400.


Most strains of cannabis won’t thrive with­out pe­ri­ods of dark­ness dur­ing each 24-hour cy­cle. A cheap wall timer elim­i­nates the need to flip the light switch. $20 to $30.

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