Spoiler alert! Take a look at some of hor­ror’s most fa­mous fi­nal girls and the quick de­ci­sions they made to de­feat their killers . . . or did they?

Sally Hardesty (Mar­i­lyn Burns)

Texas Chain­saw Mas­sacre (1974), Di­rec­tor Tobe Hooper Sally is the only of her friends to es­cape a mur­der­ous fam­ily of can­ni­bals when she flees to a nearby high­way and is pur­sued by the in­fa­mous Leatherface and his brother. The brother is hit by a truck and dies. The driver stops to help and hits Leatherface with a wrench, knock­ing him off bal­ance. Sally then jumps into a pass­ing pickup truck and drives off, leav­ing Leatherface frus­trated but alive.

Lau­rie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis)

Hal­loween (1978), Di­rec­tor John Car­pen­ter Af­ter stab­bing Michael My­ers with a knit­ting nee­dle in the neck, a me­tal hanger in the eye and his own knife, Lau­rie’s fate looks grim when Michael rises again and stran­gles her. Then Dr. Loomis ap­pears and shoots Michael un­til he falls off a bal­cony.

Ri­p­ley (Sigour­ney Weaver)

Alien (1979), Di­rec­tor Ri­d­ley Scott Ri­p­ley is one of the rare fi­nal girls who doesn’t ap­pear in a slasher movie. She sur­vives her or­deal in outer space by blow­ing up her ship and then shoot­ing the alien out of her es­cape pod with a grap­pling hook. As it trails be­hind her, Ri­p­ley turns on the pod’s en­gines and blasts it away. She and her cat Jones be­gin their jour­ney home.

Nancy Thompson (Heather Lan­genkamp)

Night­mare on Elm Street (1984), Di­rec­tor Wes Craven Af­ter fail­ing to kill Freddy Krueger with a se­ries of traps and light­ing him on fire, Nancy sim­ply turns her back to him and fa­mously says, “You’re noth­ing. You’re s---.” Freddy dis­ap­pears but not for long. Her mother falls vic­tim in a sur­prise twist end­ing.

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