Base of me­tal pole is a bad trip at city park


A walk in the park shouldn’t in­clude the pos­si­bil­ity of stub­bing your toe on a me­tal men­ace pro­trud­ing from the side­walk.

With the fine weather re­fus­ing to quit, peo­ple are still wan­der­ing around in min­i­mal footwear, as in san­dals and flip-flops that of­fer zero pro­tec­tion for ten­der toes.

Most peo­ple know to watch out for holes we can step in or things we could un­in­ten­tion­ally kick. But even the most cau­tious strollers can let down their guard at the wrong time, with painful con­se­quences.

And if they hap­pen to be head­ing to Bar­bara Hall Park, a small but heav­ily used green space near Church and Welles­ley Sts., there’s a good chance their foot could make con­tact with a dan­ger­ous me­tal stump.

Troy Matthews emailed to say that at the east en­trance to the park, part of a tiny street called Cawthra Square, which runs west from Jarvis St., sev­eral me­tal bol­lards are an­chored in a side­walk.

One of the poles was re­moved more than a year ago, leav­ing its stubby me­tal base ex­posed, said Matthews, who lives nearby.

“My­self and many oth­ers have wit­nessed peo­ple in­jur­ing their feet by walk­ing into the stump. Bi­cy­cles have hit the stump, fol­lowed by the rider be­ing in­jured by the fall, and roller bladers have hit it.

“I’ve con­tacted the city many times over the past year to re­pair the stump by re­in­stalling the yel­low bar­rier pole. To date, all they do is place a py­lon over it, which lasts for hours at best.”

“Dur­ing last year’s Pride week I wit­nessed peo­ple in­jur­ing them­selves be­cause of this ob­sta­cle, which the city should have ad­dressed a very long time ago.”

We went there to shoot photos and ended up talk­ing to David Longhurst, who lives right be­side the park, is a friend of Matthews and knew about his email to us.

He told us he has also seen peo­ple kick the me­tal stub and has called the city about it, but noth­ing has been done. Sta­tus: Brian Provo, the act­ing man­ager of road oper­a­tions in that area, said he’d send a su­per­vi­sor right away to check it out and re­place the bol­lard that should be cov­er­ing it. What’s bro­ken in your neigh­bour­hood? Wher­ever you are in Greater Toronto, we want to know. To con­tact us, go to thes­­toronto/the_­fixer, call us at 416-869-4823 or email jlakey@thes­ To read our blog, go to thes­ the_­fixer. Re­port prob­lems and fol­low us on Twit­ter @TOS­tarFixer.


The base for a bol­lard at an en­trance to Bar­bara Hall Park, near Welles­ley and Jarvis Sts., is a se­ri­ous trip­ping haz­ard, par­tic­u­larly at night.

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