In his own words: A.P. McCoy

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When you see this film, what do you see?

“The main rea­son I want to do this was be­cause of my lit­tle boy Archie. He’s only two years old, he will never re­mem­ber me as a jockey, so to have the op­por­tu­nity to have this film be­ing made about me with some­one like An­thony putting it to­gether is what re­ally ap­pealed to me.

“I am a very self­ish per­son. And I did not make it easy for An­thony Wonke and any­one else who was around me be­cause it was all about me, they weren’t al­lowed to in­ter­fere with my job, they weren’t al­lowed to in­ter­fere with my life. I was in no way help­ful to them, so I don’t know how on earth they got that as much footage as they did.”

Who was your tough­est op­po­nent?

“My tough­est op­po­nent was al­ways look­ing in the mir­ror. It’s not a pretty sight, a lot of the time. Once you’re cham­pion jockey once, then you have to beat your­self.”

What does the fu­ture hold for A.P. McCoy?

“I love work­ing with horses, I love ev­ery­thing about the sport, so some­thing within the sport, and if I can, it’s go­ing to be very dif­fi­cult to find some­thing that will re­place what I had, and I don’t think any sports per­son should try and re­place it be­cause it’s not re­place­able.” Katie Lamb

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