The U.S. will never be the same again

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Re Amer­ica votes, Nov. 7 It’s ironic that the U.S. Thanks­giv­ing falls just af­ter this elec­tion. The only thanks that many will give is that it is fi­nally over!

Even if Hil­lary Clin­ton wins, the af­ter­math will be an at­mos­phere of great dis­trust and an­i­mos­ity. I hope that vi­o­lence does not en­sue, but I’m afraid it will, and when it does, as Gan­dalf ex­claimed in The Lord of the Rings, “The Dark­ness has be­gun. There will be no Dawn.”

There is plenty of blame to go around for this murk, start­ing with Don­ald Trump, Clin­ton, the Repub­li­can and Demo­cratic par­ties. Joe Le­fkowitz, Toronto

Re­gard­less of the re­sults, the good ole U.S.A. will never be the same. With peo­ple talk­ing of re­volt if the elec­tion does not go their way, I trust all this does not spread to Canada, and pray it does not. Bill Fox, Oshawa

First the good news. As of Sun­day, ma­jor UK bet­ting houses have es­tab­lished Clin­ton as a 2:7 favourite to win. The bad news is that many of these same houses pre­dicted that the Brits would vote to re­main in the Com­mon Mar­ket in the re­cent ref­er­en­dum. An­drew Monk, Oril­lia, Ont. I surely hope Justin Trudeau and his wing­mate Kath­leen Wynne have their eco­nomic cri­sis teams on 24-hour call this evening. If Trump wins, the U.S. and all its trad­ing part­ners will be in se­ri­ous eco­nomic free fall as we cringe with the prospect of a third world war. If Clin­ton wins, the en­su­ing civil war in the Disunited States of Amer­ica will pum­mel the Cana­dian dol­lar and de­stroy our ma­jor ex­port mar­ket. It is a no-win sit­u­a­tion for ev­ery­one in­clud­ing Canada. W.R. Thuma, Toronto

Per­haps the fi­nal word on this elec­tion race to the bot­tom should go to Woody Allen: “We stand to­day at a cross­roads: One path leads to de­spair and ut­ter hope­less­ness. The other leads to to­tal ex­tinc­tion. Let us hope we have the wis­dom to make the right choice.” E.W. Bopp, Tsawwassen, B.C.

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