The good, bad and ugly over Kimbo

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Re Kimbo comes home, Nov. 2 Shame on the fam­ily that adopted Kimbo for ac­cept­ing $5,000 to re­turn this lost dog to its orig­i­nal own­ers. Granted, it’s not al­ways easy to do the right thing. But to take more than the adop­tion fees and pos­si­bly dog food and vet ex­penses for this lost dog is dis­gust­ing. One can only won­der how the adopters would feel if the shoe were on the other paw.

Any­way, a big bark out must be given to Lawrence Dalle Ve­dove, a to­tal stranger, for giv­ing up his va­ca­tion sav­ings to come to the aid of the Daniels fam­ily and get Kimbo back to them.

As for the adopt­ing fam­ily, it’s now your turn to do the right thing — give the $5,000 back to Mr. Ve­dove so you can sleep at night. Keith No­ble, Toronto

Lawrence Dalle Ve­dove is an in­cred­i­ble gen­tle­man! I once lost a very beau­ti­ful dog and spent eight hours a day search­ing, four hours be­fore work and four hours af­ter. I did this even af­ter get­ting a new dog. It took me 10 months to give up search­ing and two years be­fore I stopped fol­low­ing leads from “Get Me Home” and other lost dog ser­vices.

It’s been six years now and I still tear up when it crosses my mind to won­der what hap­pened to my lit­tle “Maus.”

It is so sad that it all came down to money for the peo­ple who had adopted Kimbo. They could have been the ones to bring such joy!

Any­one who has ever lost their dog knows the ex­cru­ci­at­ing pain and un­der­stands the in­cred­i­ble joy of be­ing re­united. Jen­nifer Tem­ple, Wel­land

I wish you had in­cluded the names and pho­tos of the heart­less peo­ple who wouldn’t re­turn Kimbo. At first I thought maybe they fell in love with the dog, but turns out they need $5,000 to do the right thing. De­spi­ca­ble. They are prob­a­bly on their way down south for a beach hol­i­day with the money.

Watch your pets care­fully, there are greedy peo­ple out there. Louise Ross, Toronto De­cency has a price, I say. Carl­ton Stewart, Mis­sis­sauga

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