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Get a blank note­book Cre­ate an index Cre­ate a Fu­ture Log — ba­si­cally a year at a glance — by di­vid­ing the fol­low­ing blank “spreads” into 12 sec­tions, one for each month; add to index.

Cre­ate a Monthly Log by list­ing all the days of the month on one side of a spread and on the op­po­site side, write a monthly task list. Denote each task with a dot bul­let point; add to index

Cre­ate a Daily Log by writ­ing the day’s date and all the tasks, events and notes. Events get a cir­cle. Notes get a dash. Pri­or­ity stuff gets a star. This is the “rapid log­ging” sys­tem.

At the end of the month, set up the next monthly log. Scan pre­vi­ous daily logs for tasks that weren’t com­pleted. If they are still worth your time, they must be “mi­grated” by draw­ing an ar­row and copy­ing into the new task list or fu­ture log. If no longer rel­e­vant to your life, strike it out. Con­sider why.

Check Pin­ter­est and In­sta­gram for ideas on how to make your spreads look cool. Or leave it ba­sic. Ei­ther is ac­cept­able to the bul­let jour­nal junkies.

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