Bar­ring­ton teens on way to be­ing YouTube’s ris­ing stars

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At 15- years old, Kyler Newell is liv­ing the dream.

Not only is he do­ing what he loves but he is get­ting paid to do it.

In only one year, Kyler has cre­ated his YouTube Chan­nel, Roblox Lo­cus, a Roblox gamer chan­nel, and has gar­nered 161,000 sub­scribers and up to 785,000 views on one video.

Ev­ery day Newell waits un­til his house in Bar­ring­ton set­tles down for the night and then be­gins his work.

He opens his lap­top and cap­tures play­ing his favourite online game, Roblox, with com­men­tary.

His fans eat it up with more than 30,000 views per video. What’s his se­cret? “Be en­ter­tain­ing,” said Kyler. “I don’t know how I do that so I just be my­self.”

When his video is filmed he spends a good one to two hours in the edit­ing stu­dio to pol­ish up the video be­fore up­load­ing it to YouTube.

For Kyler his first video he ever up­loaded went vi­ral. But he didn’t know it at the time.

A year ago he up­loaded a video tu­to­rial on how to play the Roblox game se­crets.

After he up­loaded it he for­got all about it un­til two months later.

When he checked in on his chan­nel he was sur­prised to see the video had re­ceived 10,000 views and he had al­ready 72 sub­scribers off of just one video.

This be­gan what has be­come a job for Kyler but one so fun he still clas­si­fies it as a hobby.

When Kyler reached 10,000 sub­scribers, YouTube started to send him a monthly cheque.

When he reached 100,000 sub­scribers, Kyler re­ceived the cov­eted sil­ver cre­ator award plaque that he hasn’t even got- ten around to mount­ing on his wall.

He’s too busy cre­at­ing more videos his fans love.

His 13-year old sis­ter Tayla is also a gamer, known as Hy­per Cookiie in the YouTube world.

She has reached over 15,000 sub­scribers with 121,000 views on one of her lat­est videos.

“I had 2,000 but my brother gave me a shout out on one of his videos and I got all of the rest of the sub­scribers all in one week,” said Tayla.

While Kyler shows an on­screen video of him­self while he’s play­ing, Tayla is play­ing to the sus­pense of her fans.

She plans to do a face re­veal when she reaches 100,000 sub­scribers. The two sib­lings even get in to a bit of ri­valry.

Kyler hacked his sis­ters Roblox ac­count but it wasn’t long be­fore Tayla was hack­ing in to Kyler’s Roblox ac­count and buy­ing Snow Queen dresses and flower hair for her big brother. That video got 121,000 views. They also bat­tle over the less than per­fect In­ter­net con­nec­tion. With two YouTube busi­nesses in one house­hold, Kayla goes over to her grand­mother’s con­nec­tion next door so she can up­load her videos.

They both are hav­ing a lot of fun play­ing the games they love and con­nect­ing to other gamers around the world but they are also learn­ing valu­able les­sons on run­ning a busi­ness.

Both kids say know­ing who your view­ers are and know­ing what they like help to give them videos they will keep com­ing back to.

“I fo­cused on mak­ing my chan­nel look like a brand,” said Kyler. His videos are put to­gether with in­tros and edited into a clean fi­nal copy full of fast paced di­a­logue his view­ers have come to know and love.

He also rein­vested his money earned back into his stu­dio; up­grad­ing to top of the line equip­ment and pay­ing for it all him­self.

But, Kyler says he’d do it still even if he didn’t make money.

“I like to do it,” he said. “It’s fun…I like when peo­ple say I’ve made them laugh.”

For Tayla she feels the same way.

“That is my goal in all of YouTube,” she said. “Keep do­ing videos of all the things I love.”


Bar­ring­ton’s YouTube ris­ing stars, Kyler and Tayla Newell.


Bar­ring­ton has a lot of tal­ented youth, in­clud­ing Tayla Newell, who, along with her brother, is ris­ing to fame on YouTube.

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