Res­i­dents make dis­gust­ing dis­cov­ery

Bags of dog fe­ces stashed in hedge, likely for years

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A Yar­mouth cou­ple was walk­ing their daugh­ter’s dog one night and as they reached their prop­erty at the cor­ner of Ch­est­nut and Pleas­ant streets, Kim Phung no­ticed a small black bag in their hedge.

He bent over and picked it up. It was a dis­carded bag of dog fe­ces. Fur­ther in the hedge he saw an­other bag …. and an­other, and an­other.

“There was a whole pile in there,” said his wife, also named Kim.

“I’m telling you there were more than 200 bags in there. The same black bags.”

She says it was ob­vi­ous the fe­ces was from a large dog be­cause of the amount in each bag. Some of the bags were new. Some of them were very old and rot­ten.

She says at that mo­ment, if some- one had seen her face, she would have been pale.

“I can­not be­lieve some­one is do­ing that,” she said.

She says they don’t know how long some­one has been us­ing their 15-me­tre-long hedge – a very dense, tall, wide, spruce one – as their own pri­vate dump for bags of dog poop. The cou­ple has lived at that lo­ca­tion for more than two decades.

Although her hus­band cleaned out all the bags, some­one is still de­posit­ing them there. She thinks they are drop­ping them off un­der the cover of dark­ness.

“I just don’t have a word for it. I can’t be­lieve it. Dis­gust­ing. Un­be­liev­able.

“Who­ever is do­ing it, I know they are in­ten­tion­ally do­ing it, again and again, ask that per­son why? I hope they read this and re­think what they do,” she said.


This hedge along Pleas­ant Street is be­ing used by at least one dog walker as a pri­vate dump for poop bags.

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