Iron­man pi­lots new North Amer­i­can trans­fer pro­gram

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Iron­man will now of­fer North Amer­i­can Iron­man ath­letes an op­tion to trans­fer their race reg­is­tra­tion to an­other event. “This pro­gram was de­signed in re­sponse to ath­lete feed­back we’ve re­ceived over the years. We un­der­stand that you want to race with us, but some­times life gets in the way, in­juries hap­pen, wed­dings pop up or your job takes you across the coun­try,” said World Triathlon Cor­po­ra­tion ceo Andrew Mes­sick. “With the trans­fer pro­gram, we hope to ad­dress these is­sues by al­low­ing Iron­man ath­letes to trans­fer to an­other open race in North Amer­ica. If you have a sim­ple date conf lict, you can move sooner or later in the cal­en­dar. If you have an in­jury, you can move down to a 70.3 dis­tance or post­pone to a later race.”

There are, how­ever, a few caveats. For starters, the pro­gram only ap­plies to North Amer­i­can Iron­man (140.6) ath­letes, and not all North Amer­i­can races are el­i­gi­ble for trans­fer. Ath­letes wish­ing to take ad­van­tage of the pro­gram must also sub­mit a $50 trans­fer fee (along with any dif­fer­en­tial in race fees) and need to find an event that is not al­ready full. For most this will mean that Iron­man Louisville will be the next best op­tion, but the ex­is­tence of this pro­gram could also mean that races like Louisville will fill at a faster rate.

A ver­sion of this pro­gram ex­ists in Europe and wtc ad­mits that this pi­lot pro­gram could ex­pe­ri­ence some bumps along the way. Re­gard­less, Iron­man ath­letes now have an ex­tra op­tion other than a par­tial re­fund or no re­fund at all.

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