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A dif­fi­culty that im­pacts male ath­letes more than women is mus­cle dys­mor­phia – ba­si­cally “re­verse anorexia.” In­stead of look­ing in the mir­ror and see­ing a re­flec­tion that is larger than life, those who strug­gle with mus­cle dys­mor­phia see in the mir­ror a weak body when in re­al­ity they are ripped or even over-mus­cled. While there are less ob­vi­ous ex­am­ples of triath­letes look­ing like body builders, you can see the con­cept on the cover of any sport­ing or men’s health mag­a­zine show­cas­ing the un­com­mon chis­elled physique. Many triath­letes not only strug­gle with weight-to-power ra­tio, but also strug­gle to achieve mus­cu­lar tone and lean mus­cle mass. The quest for this ideal leads to a change in nutri­tion strat­egy, tak­ing in more pro­tein and less car­bo­hy­drate, which in­vari­ably leads to race prob­lems due to a lack of ad­e­quate fat stores and avail­able glyco­gen. Af­ter all, you do need fat tis­sue to train and race-long dis­tance events.

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