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$2.59 Find­ing the per­fect en­ergy food source for a longer triathlon is never easy. When you’re push­ing hard, it can be hard to digest a bar, but it’s hard to get enough calo­ries from drinks alone. The or­ganic Clif Bloks En­ergy Chews are the an­swer for many peo­ple – they taste so good and are so easy to get down that you might have to stop your­self from eat­ing too many. (Or just eat­ing them when you’re not train­ing.) They con­tain a com­bi­na­tion of car­bo­hy­drates and elec­trolytes to help you get through your next long ef­fort.

These or­ganic chews come in 35-calo­rie cubes, so it’s re­ally easy to track just how many calo­ries you’re tak­ing in. For those who, like us, find our mouths feel­ing like they’re sug­ared out by the end of a long bike or brick ses­sion, the new Salted Water­melon Flavour is a wel­come re­lief. It also has some ex­tra sodium, too, to help ward off cramps and other is­sues. Avail­able in nine dif­fer­ent flavours, you’re likely to find one that will suit your palate. Those look­ing for a bit of a caf­feine hit to­wards the end of their race might want to check out the Trop­i­cal Punch flavour with caf­feine.

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