Hav­ing an Ad­e­quate Game Plan

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A univer­sity pro­fes­sor used to of­ten tell my class, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” It was his favourite mantra, and it holds true for mul­tisport en­deav­ours too.

Writ­ing down a train­ing plan ahead of time is key to self-coach­ing suc­cess. This elim­i­nates the oft-re­peated be­hav­iour of mak­ing things up as you go, or in other words, train­ing with­out struc­ture and direc­tion.

“This is where I feel most self-coached ath­letes go very wrong,” of­fers Mad­sen. “Many just train based on how they feel that day, but you need a plan with good in­ten­tions re­gard­ing those things you need to work on. If, for in­stance, you are in a run block you will add more run­ning to your plan and have a cor­rect pro­gres­sion plan set in place to keep you im­prov­ing and free from in­jury. Many self-coached ath­letes feel great one day and add a ton of ex­tra work and then do lit­tle to no work af­ter that due to high fa­tigue. It takes a lot of self will to hold back and be con­sis­tent, but hav­ing a sen­si­ble game plan and stick­ing to it truly is the key to suc­cess­ful train­ing.”

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