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Sit on the floor with your back pressed to the wall. Bring your el­bows up to shoul­der height, press­ing your arms and wrists to the wall in a sur­ren­der po­si­tion. Slowly push your fin­ger­tips straight up the wall un­til you feel a stretch, then re­lease. Keep your lower back, arms, shoul­ders and head pushed against the wall while you do this stretch. Do sets of 10 rep­e­ti­tions.



Lie on your side with your top leg bent at 90 de­grees with you knee on the floor and your bot­tom leg straight. Have your bot­tom arm straight at shoul­der height and start with your top arm straight on top of it, palms to­gether. Draw an arc above your head, with your el­bow slightly bent, feel­ing a stretch along your tho­racic spine and pec­toral mus­cles. Do sets of 10 rep­e­ti­tions per side.


Start seated with the knees about shoul­der width apart and your toes pointed straight back. Put the hands on the floor, shoul­der width apart, and, keep­ing your shoul­ders held down and back, stretch the butt back to­ward the floor. Stop when there is any round­ing of the lower back. The spine should re­main flat and the ob­jec­tive is to stretch at the hip joint without col­laps­ing. Re­peat 10 times.


Us­ing two mas­sage balls tied to­gether in a bag, start by ly­ing on the balls at your lower ribs. The balls should be on ei­ther side of your spine, rather than press­ing into the spine. Re­lax and al­low the mus­cles to re­lease at that ver­te­brae for five breaths, then move one ver­te­brae higher. Re­peat un­til you get to the top of your shoul­ders. Stop be­fore you reach your neck.



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