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Ath­letes find­ing they lose time in the down­hills, around cor­ners and dur­ing mounts or dis­mounts can use moun­tain bik­ing to im­prove th­ese bike han­dling skills. Rid­ing off road is a great way to gain con­fi­dence and skills that trans­late onto the road. Sus­pen­sion and fat tires on a moun­tain bike make descend­ing and cor­ner­ing eas­ier. Learn­ing to ride at higher speeds of­froad builds con­fi­dence for cor­ner­ing and descend­ing on the road. There are weight trans­fer skills that are easy to learn rid­ing on gravel, which trans­late to bet­ter han­dling on a wet or rough road sur­face.

Moun­tain bike shoes are easy to run in, and moun­tain bike ped­als have dual-sided en­try, so fly­ing mounts and dis­mounts are eas­ier to learn on a moun­tain bike. This is a great way to im­prove mounts and dis­mounts at tran­si­tion.

Draft-le­gal ath­letes learn­ing to ride ag­gres­sively in the pack, or Iron­man ath­letes try­ing to take the fastest line through the turns, can use off-road rid­ing to cre­ate bet­ter road rid­ing skills.

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