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VANK­LEEK HILL | It’s a tag-team ef­fort to help make things safer for the re­si­dents of Champlain Town­ship.

En­bridge Gas Dis­tri­bu­tion is wor­king with the On­ta­rio Fire Mar­shal’s Pu­blic Fire Sa­fe­ty Coun­cil to help the Champlain Town­ship Fire De­part­ment lower the odds on the chances of fire- and car­bon mo­noxide-re­la­ted deaths oc­cur­ring wi­thin its ju­ris­dic­tion and al­so boost the de­part­ment’s trai­ning pro­grams. En­bridge has in­ves­ted $100,000 each in the Pro­ject Ze­ro and Pro­ject As­sist pro­grams in On­ta­rio and now Champlain Town­ship will re­ceive some of the be­ne­fits of those pro­grams with 264 com­bi­na­tion smoke and car­bon mo­noxide alarms made avai­lable to the fire de­part­ment for dis­tri­bu­tion to homes and al­so $5000 to help the de­part­ment buy more edu­ca­tion trai­ning ma­te­rials.

“Sa­fe­ty is a prio­ri­ty at En­bridge,” sta­ted Mi­chael Wagle, En­bridge Gas operations di­rec­tor, “and we’re proud to sup­port On- ta­rio fi­re­figh­ters who share in our com­mit­ment to help keep our com­mu­ni­ties safe.”

Pro­ject Ze­ro be­gan in 2009, fo­cu­sing on pu­blic edu­ca­tion about fire pre­ven­tion and sa­fe­ty. Now set up in more than 60 On­ta­rio com­mu­ni­ties, the pro­gram is res­pon­sible for dis­tri­bu­ting more than 4500 smoke and car­bon mo­noxide de­tec­tors to ho­meow­ners in 15 mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties throu­ghout the pro­vince.

“Smoke and car­bon mo­noxide alarms are cri­ti­cal life sa­fe­ty de­vices,” sta­ted Ted Wie­cla­wek, On­ta­rio Fire Mar­shal. “They de­tect Above, L’Ori­gnal fi­re­figh­ter Fran­çois Bel­le­mare, Of­fice of the Fire Mar­shal re­pre­sen­ta­tive Scott Hayes, Vank­leek Hill Fire Chief Michel Mar­tin, L’Ori­gnal fi­re­figh­ter Be­noît La­rocque, Champlain Town­ship Mayor Ga­ry Bar­ton and En­bridge Gas re­pre­sen­ta­tive Ri­chard Sa­bou­rin. Back row : mu­ni­ci­pal coun­ci­lors Nor­mand Rio­pel, Jacques La­celle, Troy Cark­ner, Gé­rard Mi­ner, Pierre Per­reault, Ber­nard Franche, Paul Emile Du­val and He­len MacLeod. the pre­sence of smoke and dead­ly gas and pro­vide those pre­cious se­conds for oc­cu­pants to es­cape. Eve­ryone needs to have them in their homes.”

Pro­ject As­sist, set up in 2012, aims at hel­ping sup­ple­ment exis­ting trai­ning pro­grams in com­mu­ni­ties where En­bridge Gas ope­rates and so far 59 fire de­part­ments have be­ne­fi­ted from the pro­gram.

“Fi­re­figh­ting is a dan­ge­rous and un­pre­dic­table pro­fes­sion,” sta­ted Wie­cla­wek. “Re­gu­lar trai­ning is an im­por­tant part of being pre­pa­red for any ha­zar­dous si­tua­tion. En­bridge’s Pro­ject As­sist im­proves ac­cess to trai­ning ma­te­rials for mu­ni­ci­pal fire de­part­ments and po­si­ti­ve­ly con- tri­butes to ove­rall fi­re­figh­ter health and sa­fe­ty.”

“On be­half of the Champlain Fire De­part­ment and my­self,” said Chief Michel Mar­tin, Dis­trict 1, “I would like to thank En­bridge Gas Dis­tri­bu­tion and the Fire Mar­shall’s Pu­blic Fire Sa­fe­ty Coun­cil for their sup­port and do­na­tion of smoke/car­bon mo­noxide de­tec­tors. They will be well dis­tri­bu­ted

among­st the re­si­dents of Champlain Town- ship.”

“On be­half of coun­cil, fire de­part­ment, and my­self, I would like to thank En­bridge Gas Dis­tri­bu­tion and the Fire Mar­shall’s Pu­blic Fire Sa­fe­ty Coun­cil,” sta­ted Mayor Ga­ry Bar­ton, “for their ge­ne­ro­si­ty in pro­vi­ding Champlain Town­ship with smoke/ car­bon mo­noxide de­tec­tors, as well as $5000 to as­sist our fi­re­figh­ters with trai­ning ma­te­rials. Your as­sis­tance to our fire chiefs, fi­re­figh­ters, and kee­ping our ci­ti­zens safe is most ap­pre­cia­ted.”

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