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Chief War­rant Of­fi­cer Ryon Ga­zey, War­rant Of­fi­cer Sa­man­tha Mel­lor, War­rant Of­fi­cer An­drew Ta­rul­li, and War­rant Of­fi­cer Kira Va­len­tine De­vine, stan­ding at at­ten­tion du­ring the Ca­dets open house, Sep­tem­ber 9. The 57 Stor­mont Dun­das & Glen­gar­ry High­lan­ders Ar­my Ca­det Corps be­gan the sea­son with an open house on Sep­tem­ber 9.

“It’s the re­gu­lar meet and greet to­night,” said Ca­ro­lyn Miller, trea­su­rer for the ca­dets. “It’s a lot more re­laxed. Today is more like or­ga­ni­zed chaos.”

“This is our first re­cruit­ment day,” said com­man­ding of­fi­cer Cap­tain Steve Camp­bell, “It’s a good chance to meet pa­rents and po­ten­tial ca­dets, and get or­ga­ni­zed. It’s an op­por­tu­ni­ty to see what we do.”

Cap­tain Camp­bell said that new re­cruits can join at any time, not just on re­cruit­ment night. “If they want, they can just come to a mee­ting and see if they want to join,” said Camp­bell. “The more the mer­rier.”

Jim Mul­lin from the Glen­gar­ry Light In­fan­try was on site to help ga­ther in­ter­est for the re-en­act­ment of the War of 1812 to be held Sep­tem­ber 26 and 27 at the Glen­gar­ry Pio­neer Mu­seum in Dun­ve­gan. “We have part­ne­red with the ca­dets for the re-en­act­ment,” said Mul­lin. “It’s a big deal. This is the first one of its kind in Ca­na­da. We think it’s going to be a win-win for eve­ryone. Kids not on­ly get to go to ca­dets, it teaches them his­to­ry. This is the 75th year for the ca­dets. It’s fan­tas­tic.”

The ca­dets will be ce­le­bra­ting their 75th year on Oc­to­ber 24. “We are loo­king to have a pa­rade, and a big reu­nion bash,” said Miller. “We are in­vi­ting eve­ry­bo­dy; past ca­dets, and of­fi­cers. We will be ha­ving a sup­per, and are loo­king for pa­rents to help out, even if just for photos and me­mo­ra­bi­lia.”

The ca­dets meet on Wed­nes­day eve­nings from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., and on Sa­tur­day mor­nings at 9 a.m. at the Vank­leek Hill Col­le­giate Ins­ti­tute (VCI), at 5814 High­way 34 in Vank­leek Hill. Kids bet­ween the ages of 12 and 19 are welcome to join any­time.

The Vank­leek Hill High School Ca­det Corps was for­med on De­cem­ber 6, 1899, and was dis­ban­ded af­ter 30 years of in­tense ac­ti­vi­ty, on De­cem­ber 16, 1933. The Corps reor­ga­ni­zed in 1940 as the Vank­leek Hill Col­le­giate Ca­det Corps, la­ter chan­ging to the Vank­leek Hill Dis­trict Col­le­giate Ins­ti­tute Ca­det Corps.

It was spon­so­red by Prescott Rus­sell Coun­ty Board of Edu­ca­tion and was af­fi­lia­ted with Stor­mont, Dun­das and Glen­gar­ry High­lan­ders in Oc­to­ber 1942. In 1975, spon­sor­ship was chan­ged to Branch 472 of the Royal Ca­na­dian Le­gion in Haw­kes­bu­ry. The de­si­gna­tion was chan­ged in May 2000 to the Stor­mont, Dun­das and Glen­gar­ry High­lan­ders Ar­my Ca­det Corps.

The ca­dets de­ve­lop abi­li­ties in ac­ti­vi­ties such as the use of maps and com­passes, GPS tech­no­lo­gy, first-aid, cam­ping, sur­vi­val skills, ca­noeing trek­king, moun­tain bi­king, and out­door lea­der­ship skills. The ca­dets al­so get in­vol­ved in ce­re­mo­nial mi­li­ta­ry events, ci­ti­zen­ship ac­ti­vi­ties, and the War of 1812 re-en­act­ment events at the Pio­neer Vil­lage in Dun­ve­gan.

Any photos or me­mo­ra­bi­lia to be used for the 75th an­ni­ver­sa­ry ce­le­bra­tion can be do­na­ted to the ca­det corps du­ring their re­gu­lar mee­ting nights. More information can be found by cal­ling 613-632-1170 or by email at rcacc57@ya­hoo.ca.

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