Champlain Town­ship pre­pares com­mu­ni­ty grants po­li­cy


Champlain Town­ship is seeing more de­mand for use of mu­ni­ci­pal fa­ci­li­ties from com­mu­ni­ty ser­vice clubs and non-pro­fit groups for their spe­cial events and fun­drai­sers. Town­ship coun­cil and staff want to show sup­port for these groups while al­so sho­wing fis­cal pru­dence to area tax­payers.

Prior to its sum­mer break, town­ship coun­cil gave ap­pro­val in prin­ciple, du­ring the June 13 ses­sion, to a re­com­men­da­tion from its eco­no­mic de­ve­lop­ment and tou­rism ad­vi­so­ry com­mit­tee for a com­mu­ni­ty and fa­ci­li­ty usage grants po­li­cy. Town­ship ad­mi­nis­tra­tion is now contac­ting lo­cal groups and clubs to let them know about the new po­li­cy pro­po­sal, the ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line, and al­so get their feed­back.

Chief Ad­mi­nis­tra­tive Of­fi­cer Pau­la Knud­sen said, du­ring a la­ter phone in­ter­view, that her staff is contac­ting those groups that have ap­plied in the past to the town­ship for ei­ther a com­mu­ni­ty grant or sub­si­di­zed use of a mu­ni­ci­pal fa­ci­li­ty, like the Vank­leek Hill Com­mu­ni­ty Centre, as a ve­nue for a spe­cial event or fun­drai­ser. Staff will ex­plain the new po­li­cy that in­cludes an Oc­to­ber 15 dead­line for grant ap­pli­ca­tions and fa­ci­li­ty use re­quests. But Knud­sen em­pha­si­zed that the town­ship wants all groups and in­di­vi­duals to be aware of the new po­li­cy pro­po­sed for dea­ling with com­mu­ni­ty grant re­quests be­cause it will prove im­por­tant as part of fu­ture mu­ni­ci­pal bud­ge­ting ef­forts.

“We want to be trans­pa­rent with the tax­payers’ mo­ney,” said Knud­sen, ad­ding that Champlain Town­ship has not had a for­mal po­li­cy for dea­ling with com­mu­ni­ty grant re­quests. The usual prac­tice has been to deal with re­quests from non-pro­fit groups for ei­ther sup­port grants for their pro­jects or sub­si­di­zed use of a mu­ni­ci­pal fa­ci­li­ty for a spe­cial event or a fun­drai­ser on a ca­se­by-case ba­sis du­ring the re­gu­lar coun­cil ses­sions.

The re­com­men­da­tion from the eco­no­mic de­ve­lop­ment com­mit­tee concer­ned pro­ce­dures for re­co­gni­zing non-pro­fit groups which nee­ded help with their pro­jects and fun­drai­sers, and se­pa­ra­ting those mat­ters from the va­rious small com­mu­ni­ty grant L’ad­mi­nis­tra­tion du can­ton de Champlain est en train de mettre au point une nou­velle po­li­tique de sub­ven­tions com­mu­nau­taires pour ré­pondre à la de­mande crois­sante de clubs com­mu­nau­taires et de groupes à but non lu­cra­tif pour l’uti­li­sa­tion sub­ven­tion­née d’ins­tal­la­tions mu­ni­ci­pales comme le Centre com­mu­nau­taire de Vank­leek Hill pour des évé­ne­ments spé­ciaux et des col­lectes de fonds. de­ve­lop­ment com­mit­tee on the com­mu­ni­ty grants po­li­cy. Part of the rea­son is to de­ter­mine the re­ve­nue cost to the town­ship from al­lo­wing use of com­mu­ni­ty centres and other fa­ci­li­ties for free or at a re­du­ced rate for such ac­ti­vi­ties. It will al­so in­di­cate how large a por­tion those re­quests are of the to­tal user time for such fa­ci­li­ties.

The com­mit­tee will re­view all this in­for­ma­tion for ano­ther up­da­ted re­port and re­com­men­da­tions to coun­cil, la­ter in the year, on a mu­ni­ci­pal com­mu­ni­ty grants and fa­ci­li­ty usage po­li­cy.

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