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It loo­ked to be a good tur­nout for an eve­ning pu­blic mee­ting in ear­ly No­vem­ber to talk about com­mu­ni­ty plan­ning for Cham­plain Town­ship. Un­til the an­noun­ce­ment that the pro­po­sed ce­ment plant pro­ject for L’Ori­gnal was not one of the to­pics for dis­cus­sion.

“We had a whole crew of people there, ex­pec­ting it was going to be about the ce­ment plant,” said Mayor Ga­ry Bar­ton, re­gar­ding the Nov. 1 com­mu­ni­ty plan­ning and zo­ning by­law re­view pu­blic mee­ting agenda.

Mayor Bar­ton no­ted that at least three­quar­ters

La plu­part des ré­si­dents qui ont par­ti­ci­pé à une réunion pu­blique du co­mi­té com­mu­nau­taire de pla­ni­fi­ca­tion pour le can­ton de Cham­plain, le 1er no­vembre, ont cru que le pro­jet de ci­men­te­rie pro­po­sé par Co­la­cem Ca­na­da se­rait le prin­ci­pal su­jet de dis­cus­sion. Ils ont tous quit­té la réunion après avoir ap­pris que le pro­jet contro­ver­sé n’était pas à l’ordre du jour.

of the people who sho­wed up for the Wed­nes­day eve­ning pu­blic mee­ting left once they rea­li­zed that Co­la­cem Ca­na­da’s pro­po­sed ce­ment plant pro­ject for L’Ori­gnal was not on the list of to­pics. He ob­ser­ved that so­me­how, a large num­ber of re­si­dents had got­ten the mis­ta­ken im­pres­sion that it would be the sub­ject of the No­vem­ber plan­ning mee­ting.

Mayor Bar­ton and mu­ni­ci­pal staff ex­plai­ned that Cham­plain Town­ship coun­cil had al­rea­dy vo­ted against ap­pro­ving the com­pa­ny’s re­zo­ning re­quest for the pro­per­ty where Co­la­cem wants to build the plant. The whole is­sue is now be­fore the On­ta­rio Mu­ni­ci­pal Board (OMB) for a fu­ture re­view hea­ring.

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