Tom Arnold leads Ci­ti­zens’ Al­liance to vic­to­ry in Gren­ville-sur-la-Rouge


It has been a long and ti­ring wee­kend for Tom Arnold, but a ve­ry sa­tis­fying one in the end. He is now the mayor-elect of Gren­ville-sur-la-Rouge, lea­ding a new coun­cil for the town af­ter a re­soun­ding vic­to­ry for the Ci­ti­zens’ Al­liance par­ty in the Nov. 5 mu­ni­ci­pal elec­tion.

“Ve­ry good, ve­ry hap­py,” said Arnold du­ring a Mon­day eve­ning in­ter­view. “Our whole team is ve­ry hap­py.”

Arnold ad­mit­ted being ve­ry ti­red. Fi­nal poll re­sults for Gren­ville-sur-la-Rouge were not avai­lable un­til close to 3 a.m. Mon­day mor­ning. Af­ter a brief ce­le­bra­tion, Arnold snat­ched a bit of sleep and was up again at 5 a.m. to first look af­ter the needs of his own construc­tion bu­si­ness and then head over to the mu­ni­ci­pal of­fice to be­gin work get­ting fa­mi­liar with his new mayo­ral res­pon­si­bi­li­ties.

«I on­ly got an hour’s sleep so far,» Arnold jo­ked, ad­ding that he al­so fiel­ded both con­gra­tu­la­tions and questions from consti­tuents du­ring his first day as mayor-elect. Most questions fo­cu­sed on how soon the À Gren­ville-sur-la-Rouge, c’est Tom Arnold qui a dé­cro­ché le poste de maire avec 66,93% des voix, de­vant Mi­chel Bros­seau cré­di­té de 21, 73% des suf­frages et Shel­ley Victoria Sil­cock, 11,34%. M. Arnold fai­sait par­tie de l’Al­liance des ci­toyens de Gren­ville-sur-laRouge. L’en­semble des can­di­dats aux postes de conseillers de l’Al­liance des ci­toyens de Gren­ville-sur-la-Rouge ont éga­le­ment été élus. Ron Mo­ran (à gauche, à l’ar­rière), Serge Bour­bon­nais, De­nis Fi­lion, Marc A. Le Gris, Ma­non Ju­tras (à gauche, de­vant), Tom Arnold, maire élu, et Na­ta­lia Czar­ne­cka .

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