THINK about cyber se­cu­ri­ty for chil­dren


Bien qu’elle ait été pré­vue pour une pé­riode d’une heure, la pé­riode de questions a du­ré près de deux heures.

Plu­sieurs questions tech­niques ont été po­sées aux confé­ren­ciers en ques­tion, soit Ste­ven Lau­zier, char­gé du pro­jet Miller et porte-pa­role pour Ca­na­da Car­bon, Ugo Lapointe, co­fon­da­teur de la coa­li­tion Pour que le Qué­bec ait meilleure mine et co­or­don­na­teur du pro­gramme ca­na­dien de Mi­ningWatch Ca­na­da, ain­si qu’Anne-Ju­lie Asselin, avo­cate spé­cia­li­sée en droit en­vi­ron­ne­men­tal, étaient les trois confé­ren­ciers in­vi­tés pour l’évè­ne­ment.

Des gens ve­nus d’ailleurs, qui vivent en ré­gion mi­nière, ont li­vré des té­moi­gnages. Des ré­si­dents ont même in­di­qué dé­jà res­sen­tir cer­taines nui­sances re­liées aux fo­rages de Ca­na­da Car­bon.

En fait, un ci­toyen a in­di­qué que les fo­rages étaient dé­jà au­dibles. Une ré­si­dente The OPP want pa­rents’ help to pro­tect chil­dren and youth from cyber bul­lies, pre­da­tors, and other threats craw­ling around on the World Wide Web.

The THINK Test is the first step that po­lice and cy­ber­se­cu­ri­ty ex­perts re­com­mend eve­ryone keep in mind when they are on­line, whe­ther brow­sing and up­da­ting their so­cial me­dia pages, sen­ding emails, or sur­fing the In­ter­net as part of their per­so­nal and bu­si­ness re­search work.

“If it doesn’t pass the THINK Test,” states an OPP in­for­ma­tion re­lease, “you may be un­wit­tin­gly ig­ni­ting ne­ga­tive in­ter­ac­tions for ma­ny or even brea­king the law.”

THINK stands for: True? Hurt­ful? Ille­gal? Ne­ces­sa­ry? and Kind? Po­lice re­com­mend that anyone post­ing items on­line or down­loa­ding so­me­thing from the Net first consi­der whe­ther what they are doing may be contra­ry to any one or all of the stan­dards of the THINK Test and fall un­der the hea­ding of being a cyber bul­ly, ai­ding by ac­ci­dent an on­line pre­da­tor, or contri­bu­ting to iden­ti­ty theft or some other cyber crime.

Pa­rents and guar­dians, in­clu­ding tea­chers and ca­re­gi­vers, are ur­ged to make chil­dren and youth al­so aware of the THINK Test and to use it when they are on­line, doing ho­me­work re­search or in­ter­ac­ting with friends through so­cial me­dia. They should al­so make sure chil­dren and youth un­ders­tand they can re­port to pa­rents, guar­dians, or the po­lice ins­tances of cy­ber­bul­lying or sus­pi­cious be­ha­viour or re­quests which may be from an In­ter­net pre­da­tor.

More in­for­ma­tion on cy­ber­pro­tec­tion is avai­lable at www.get­cy­ber­

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