Cou­gars ground the Jets and the Ro­ckets


The Vank­leek Hill Cou­gars ad­ded two more wins to their sea­son score in the Na­tio­nal Ca­pi­tal Ju­nior Hockey League. The Cou­gars beat the Met­calfe Jets by one point in their Fri­day night game at the Lar­ry Ro­bin­son Are­na in Met­calfe and de­fea­ted the North Dun­das Ro­ckets Sun­day eve­ning in Ches­ter­ville.

The 3-2 win on Nov. 3 and the 5-2 vic­to­ry on Nov. 5 put the Cou­gars at six wins and five losses now, af­ter 11 games in their 20172018 sea­son sche­dule. In the league stan­dings, Vank­leek Hill is just be­hind Met­calfe, which has 10 games played and a 6-4 win­loss re­cord for a .600 win­ning per­cen­tage to Vank­leek Hill’s .545. Ahead of them in the win­ning per­cen­tage co­lumn are the Cum­ber­land Ban­dits, Ga­ti­neau Hull-Vo­lant and the North Dun­das Ro­ckets, all with 11 games in hand and win/loss tal­lies of 7-4 for Cum­ber­land and 8-3 each for Ga­ti­neau and North Dun­das. The Pa­pi­neau­ville Vi­kings are ahead of the game with a 9-3 win/loss re­cord af­ter 12 games.

First per­iod bet­ween the Cou­gars and the Jets fi­ni­shed wi­thout a single point for ei­ther side. Both teams col­lec­ted two goals each in se­cond per­iod with the Cou­gars brea­king the tie in third per­iod with an unans­we­red goal.

Sco­ring for the Cou­gars were Je­re­my Au­bin, Trys­tan Lavoie, and Ri­ley Sau­vé. Goal as­sists came from Au­bin, Ni­ko­kas Ayotte, Ty­ler Do­pel­ha­mer, and Ty­ler Druce. Sé­bas­tien Mo­reau guar­ded the Vank­leek Hill net.

Goal scores for Met­calfe came from Na­than Bols and Ca­me­ron Gal­lant, with goal as­sists from Ma­thieu Lau­rin. Da­nik Ger­vais oc­cu­pied the Jets goal.

Sun­day’s game at the Ches­ter­ville Are­na saw the Cou­gars do­mi­nate the sco­ring in eve­ry per­iod, in­clu­ding a single unans­we­red point du­ring se­cond.

Sco­ring for Vank­leek Hill were MarcAn­toine Doyon with two goals and Ty­ler Do­pel­ha­mer, Jo­na­than Le­blanc, and Ri­ley Sau­vé each fi­ring in singles. Goal as­sists came from Doyon, Sau­vé, Ni­ko­las Ayotte, Ty­ler Druce, and Bren­dan Rowe. Do­mi­nik Tur­cotte guar­ded the Vank­leek Hill net.

Goals for the Ro­ckets in­clu­ded two from Con­nor Roth, with as­sists from Cur­tis Bark­ley, Shayne Ly­nott, team cap­tain Bry­den van Kes­sel, and Jack van Kes­sel. Ja­son Bu­ma oc­cu­pied the North Dun­das net.

The Cou­gars host the Black­burn In­fer­no, Nov. 12 eve­ning, at the Vank­leek Hill Are­na.

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