Haw­kes­bu­ry Hawks en­joy two more vic­to­ries

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Les Hawks de Haw­kes­bu­ry ont en­ta­mé un dé­but de sai­son pro­met­teur en no­vembre dans la Ligue cen­trale ca­na­dienne de hockey. Les Hawks ont bat­tu les Sé­na­teurs ju­nior d’Ot­ta­wa et les Rai­ders de Ne­pean au cours de la fin de se­maine du 5 no­vembre. The Haw­kes­bu­ry Hawks have a pro­mi­sing start to their No­vem­ber sche­dule of games in the Cen­tral Ca­na­dian Hockey League. The Hawks beat both the Ot­ta­wa Ju­nior Se­na­tors and the Ne­pean Rai­ders over the No­vem­ber 5 wee­kend.

The Hawks ham­me­red the Se­na­tors 7-3

Nov. 3 in a Fri­day af­ter­noon home game at the Vank­leek Hill Are­na. Sun­day eve­ning in Ne­pean the Hawkes beat the Rai­ders 5-3.

Both teams were al­most even for their shots on goal du­ring the Hawks-Se­na­tors game. Alec Beau­din-Tou­gas ope­ned the sco­ring du­ring the first mi­nute of play in first per­iod and got the Hawks sco­ring star­ted with as­sists from Mi­chael Mar­leau and Mike Nan­tais. Dar­cy Walsh put Ot­ta­wa on the board in the lat­ter half of the per­iod with help from Ca­me­ron White.

Se­cond per­iod be­lon­ged to Haw­kes­bu­ry with Da­vid Jan­kows­ki brea­king the tie in the first th­ree mi­nutes with as­sists from Beau­din-Tou­gas and John Kuhl. Tan­ner Tar­bell pu­shed the score a little fur­ther at the mid­point with as­sists from Jan­kows­ki and Nicolas Guille­mentte. Flet­cher An­der­son fi­ni­shed off the per­iod sco­ring run with help from Ty­ler Boi­vin and An­ders John­son.

Beau­din-Tou­gas kept pu­shing the Hawks lead ear­ly in third per­iod with his se­cond goal with as­sists from Kuhl and Matt Ga­suik. Th­ree mi­nutes la­ter Nan­tais ad­ded ano­ther point with help from Jan­kows­ki and Mat­thew Pe­ti­sian.

The fi­nal goals for Ot­ta­wa came from Pierre-Luc Veillette, with as­sists from Chi­we­tin Blacks­mith and Owen Guy, and to­wards the end of the per­iod from Jo­shua Fi­lo­so off a pass from Da­nyk Drouin. Kie­ran Craig fi­red in an unas­sis­ted goal to bring the fi­nal Hawks score to 7-3 over the Se­na­tors.

The Hawks again control­led the play against Ne­pean though the Rai­ders did ma­nage to score at least one goal each per­iod of the game.

Rai­ders Oli­vier Gau­thier be­gan the sco­ring with an unas­sis­ted goal in the last mi­nute of first per­iod. Twen­ty se­conds la­ter Chris Smith ans­we­red for the Hawks with help on a po­wer play from Tan­ner Tar­bell and Mike Nan­tais.

The se­cond half of the per­iod saw Haw­kes­bu­ry’s Joel Fra­zee tie the score up again with help from Da­vid Jan­kows­ki and Ty­ler Boi­vin. Kie­ran Craig, with as­sists from Boi­vin and Flet­cher An­der­son, broke the tie and put Haw­kes­bu­ry in the lead th­ree mi­nutes be­fore the end of the per­iod.

. Chris Smith fi­red in both of Haw­kes­bu­ry’s win­ning goals in the last half of the per­iod with Jan­kows­ki as­sis­ting on both goals and Fra­zee hel­ping on Smith’s first goal and Boi­vin on the se­cond.

The Hawks are in Smith Falls Nov. 7, then host the Ka­na­ta La­zers Nov. 10 af­ter­noon at the Vank­leek Hill Are­na. The Hawks are in Na­van Sun­day af­ter­noon over the Nov. 11 wee­kend.

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