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Pre­mier Kath­leen Wynne conce­ded an ear­ly de­feat for her par­ty’s chances of for­ming ano­ther Li­be­ral go­vern­ment for On­ta­rio when the polls close June 7. The hope now is to play “king­ma­ker” in a mi­no­ri­ty go­vern­ment hea­ded ei­ther by the NDP or the Pro­gres­sive Con­ser­va­tives, which could mean the GPR be­co­ming a “swing ri­ding” if it de­cides to stay Red and not switch to ei­ther PC Blue or NDP Orange.

%VSJOH UIF MBTU GFX EBZT PG .BZ 8ZOOF ad­mit­ted du­ring in­ter­views with ma­jor me­dia that the Li­be­ral par­ty’s low ra­ting in pu­blic opi­nion si­gna­led the end of its hope of for­ming ano­ther pro­vin­cial go­vern­ment. The fo­cus du­ring the fi­nal week of cam­pai­gning has been to gain en­ough vo­ter sup­port to win eight or more seats, to main­tain of­fi­cial par­ty sta­tus in the le­gis­la­ture and keep both UIF /%1 BOE UIF 1SPHSFTTJWF $POTFSWBUJWFT from for­ming a ma­jo­ri­ty go­vern­ment.

i&WFO UIPVHI * XPO U CF MFBEJOH UIJT QSP­vince as pre­mier, I care dee­ply about how JU XJMM CF MFE u 8ZOOF UPME SFQPSUFST EVSJOH a cam­pai­gn stop in To­ron­to over the June 2 XFFLFOE i1FPQMF XBOU DIBOHF CVU CZ BOE large they’re confi­dent about where On­ta­rio stands and where On­ta­rio is hea­ded. For this rea­son—I heard this over and over again— ma­ny vo­ters are wor­ried about han­ding a CMBOL DIFRVF UP FJUIFS %PVH 'PSE PS UIF /%1u

GPR a swing ri­ding?

1PMJUJDBM QVOEJUT IBWF TUBUFE JO BOBMZTFT for me­dia that the Li­be­rals will keep some of their ri­ding seats in sou­thern On­ta­rio and &BTUFSO 0OUBSJP (MFOHBSSZ 1SFTDPUU 3VTTFMM is still consi­de­red a Li­be­ral stron­ghold, ha­ving been a “red” ri­ding since 1981 un­der TFWFSBM .11T JODMVEJOH %PO #PVESJB +FBO .BSD -BMPOEF BOE (SBOU $SBDL

5IF DVSSFOU -JCFSBM DBOEJEBUF 1JFSSF Le­roux said the June 7 elec­tion re­pre­sents iBO PQQPSUVOJUZ GPS (MFOHBSSZ 1SFTDPUU 3VT­sell”, if it re­mains a Li­be­ral ri­ding and does OPU DIPPTF FJUIFS 1SPHSFTTJWF $POTFSWBUJWF "NBOEB 4JNBSE PS UIF /%1 T #POOJF +FBO -PVJT BT JUT OFYU .11

i8IPFWFS JT .11 XJMM KVTU CF B CBDLCFODIFS u TBJE -FSPVY iJG FJUIFS UIF /%1 PS UIF 1$ XJO *G * DBO XJO UIJT SJEJOH UIFO UIF (13 be­comes a swing vote ri­ding, and then I can OFHPUJBUF GPS (13 T CFOFàU u

NDP and PC views

#PUI UIF 1$ BOE /%1 DBOEJEBUFT JO UIF (13 SFWFBM UIFJS UIPVHIUT BCPVU 8ZOOF T an­noun­ce­ment and the chances of the Li­beSBMT LFFQJOH (MFOHBSSZ 1SFTDPUU 3VTTFMM BT one of their ri­dings.

i8ZOOF T DPODFTTJPO PG EFGFBU JT B last-mi­nute tac­tic, pro­ving to the people of On­ta­rio just how out of touch the Li­be­rals have become,” sta­ted Si­mard in an email sta­te­ment. “It is a des­pe­rate move by a EFTQFSBUF QBSUZ 5IF QFPQMF PG (MFOHBSSZ 1SFTDPUU 3VTTFMM EFTFSWF BO .11 XIP DBO USVMZ NBLF B EJGGFSFODF BU 2VFFO T 1BSL The Li­be­ral can­di­date is not that per­son. His par­ty and his lea­der will not be in po­wer. &WFSZPOF LOPXT UIJT OPX FWFO IJN u

“Lo­cal­ly, for me, it al­ways comes down UP &MFDUJPO /JHIU u TBJE +FBO -PVJT BEEJOH UIBU FWFO UIPVHI UIF /%1 JT BMNPTU OFDL BOE OFDL XJUI UIF 1SPHSFTTJWF $POTFSWBUJWFT in the pro­vin­cial polls, she still won’t count her­self and her par­ty as sure winners un­til the fi­nal bal­lot is coun­ted.

i1FPQMF BSF VTFE UP WPUJOH USBEJUJPOBMMZ IFSF u BEEFE +FBO -PVJT i1FPQMF BMTP IBWF a mind of their own. Some people have told NF UIBU UIFZ BSF /%1 BU IFBSU CVU UIFZ MM WPUF Li­be­ral to keep Doug Ford from get­ting in. #VU XF /%1 BSF UIF POMZ POFT XJUI B SFBM QMBO TP JG QFPQMF BSF /%1 BU IFBSU UIFO now’s the time to do it.”

—pho­to Gregg Cham­ber­lain

La pre­mière mi­nistre Kath­leen Wynne (ici lors d’une ré­cente vi­site à Haw­kes­bu­ry) ad­met main­te­nant qu’elle ne croit pas que les chances d’un autre gou­ver­ne­ment li­bé­ral pour l’On­ta­rio soient bonnes le 7 juin. Elle se concentre main­te­nant sur elle et ses col­lègues li­bé­raux, dont Pierre Le­roux. Glen­gar­ry-Pres­cott-Rus­sell doit conser­ver suf­fi­sam­ment de sièges pour main­te­nir le sta­tut of­fi­ciel de par­ti à l’As­sem­blée lé­gis­la­tive et em­pê­cher le NPD ou les pro­gres­sis­tes­con­ser­va­teurs de for­mer un gou­ver­ne­ment ma­jo­ri­taire.

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