Bryan Rodgers wants one of the Ward 4/ West Hawkesbury seats on Cham­plain Town­ship coun­cil.

Town­ship bud­get plan­ning is one of key concerns for the 66-year-old can­di­date from Vank­leek Hill. Rodgers wants a clo­ser re­view of mu­ni­ci­pal ex­penses and de­ci­sions du­ring the bud­get plan which re­sult in in­creases to the pro­per­ty tax rate.

“I know people on a fixed in­come,” Rodgers said, “and half of a per cent (tax rate in­crease) is hard for them to take.”

Ori­gnal­ly from La­chute, Qué­bec, Rodgers has li­ved in the Vank­leek Hill area for the past 10 years. He works in in­dus­trial sales but no­ted that he’s al­ways had an in­ter­est in mu­ni­ci­pal po­li­tics since child­hood.

“I’ve been at­ten­ding coun­cil mee­tings since I was 12,” he said. “My fa­ther would take me along when he went to the lo­cal coun­cil.”

He de­ci­ded to en­ter this year’s ci­vic elec­tion be­cause he be­lieves it’s time for him to take a more ac­tive role in lo­cal po­li­tics, and “to put back in­to the com­mu­ni­ty” using his years of ex­pe­rience ob­ser­ving vil­lage coun­cils at work and al­so service on va­rious ci­vic com­mit­tees in the La­chute and Ar­gen­teuil re­gions.

“I have bu­si­ness acu­men,” he said. “I’ve seen how coun­cils work well and when they EPO U XPSL XFMM 8F IBWF UP IBWF USBOTQBSFODZ and we have to have ef­fi­cient team­work.”

Be­sides bet­ter bud­get plan­ning, Rodgers al­so wants to see Cham­plain Town­ship de­ve­lop a broa­der in­dus­trial tax base and al­so conti­nue stea­dy pro­gress in up­gra­ding lo­cal in­fra­struc­ture, in­clu­ding im­pro­ve­ments to the lo­cal sys­tem of roads and bridges throu­ghout the town­ship.

—pho­to Gregg Chamberlain

Bryan Rodgers pré­sente sa can­di­da­ture pour l’un des sièges du quar­tier 4 (Hawkesbury Ouest) du con­seil du can­ton de Cham­plain lors des élec­tions mu­ni­ci­pales d’oc­tobre. Une par­tie de son pro­gramme élec­to­ral com­prend l’aug­men­ta­tion de la taxe in­dus­trielle de la mu­ni­ci­pa­li­té ain­si que des pro­grès ré­gu­liers et constants dans l’amélioration de l’in­fra­struc­ture lo­cale.

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