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Pub­lic vote on Kentville Vol­un­teer Fire’s re­quest for area rate in­crease to be held Feb. 28

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The Kentville Vol­un­teer Fire Depart­ment has is­sued a re­quest to both Kentville and Kings County for an area rate that would mean ex­tra money for spend­ing on up­grades and on­go­ing costs.

The depart­ment re­quested $0.0336 per $100 of as­sess­ment in fund­ing for cap­i­tal ex­pen­di­tures and up­grades, to a to­tal of $626,000.

While the Joint Fire Ser­vices Com­mit­tee, made up of mem­bers from the county, the town, and the com­mu­nity, gives the ini­tial OK, the pub­lic has the fi­nal say.

Ratepay­ers — any­one own­ing prop­erty within the lim­its of the county and town fire zones — meet each time a re­quest is made, vote ‘ yes’ or ‘ no’, and that an­swer de­ter­mines whether the rate moves for­ward or not.

Kentville fire chief Ryan MacEach­ern said putting the vote to the town is an es­sen­tial part of the process.

“It’s the right thing to do. I also give a pre­sen­ta­tion and out­line why we’re ask­ing for that spe­cific rate, and what the money will go to­ward,” he said.

“We are al­ways with the pub­lic.”

This year, they will meet Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. in the fire depart­ment’s au­di­to­rium.

There has never been a vote where the rate didn’t pass.

The county has levied and paid an area rate to the Kentville Vol­un­teer Fire Depart­ment since 2000, ac­cord­ing to county chief ad­min­is­tra­tive of­fi­cer Scott Con­rod.

The meet­ings are known for be­ing at­tended mostly by fire depart­ment mem­bers and few other com­mu­nity mem­bers, but MacEach­ern doesn’t see this as a con­cern.

“The way I see that is if there were lots of prob­lems with the ser­vices, peo­ple would show up and tell us about it. Peo­ple seem to be happy with the ser­vice, and I would hope that’s why th­ese meet­ings go the way they do,” he said. trans­par­ent

Kentville Mayor San­dra Snow said she has never had rea­son to feel con­cerned with the area rates pro­posed by the depart­ment, call­ing the method a great way to de­cide on fund­ing.

“That’s one of the things about Kentville Fire — they know what ser­vice they’re go­ing to de­liver,” she said.

“They know their bud­get and train­ing needs and are a very pro­fes­sional vol­un­teer ser­vice. And that’s re­ally quite in­cred­i­ble.”

The area rate’s bud­get goes to­wards cap­i­tal spend­ing for the depart­ment, which means any­thing with a shelf life of over seven years and a cost of over $5,000.

The list of items need­ing to be pur­chased dif­fers from year to year.

This year’s list in­cludes items like con­tin­u­ing pay­ments for sev­eral fire trucks, fire hoses, a new ex­haust sys­tem for the truck bays at the depart­ment and turnout gear, con­sist­ing of bunker gear, over­alls and hoods.

This year’s area rate re­quest is also on the low end, with the depart­ment hav­ing asked for as high as al­most five cents per 100 feet of as­sess­ment in 2001, when it needed to buy a new aerial and lad­der truck.

“Our rule is we al­ways aim to stay un­der five cents. Our goal is to project our ex­penses, be­cause things like new trucks need to be bal­anced. We are never go­ing

• Con­tin­ued pay­ments for five trucks

• Canaan Moun­tain Tower up­grades

• Turn out gear

• Fire hozes

• Sta­bi­lizer kit for ve­hi­cle ex­trac­tions

• Ball in­take valve

• Fire train­ing fa­cil­ity

• Spe­cial ma­te­ri­als cut­ter for ve­hi­cle ex­trac­tions

• Video se­cu­rity up­grade

• Air con­di­tion­ing in the Cas­cade room

• LED lights for the truck bays

• Train­ing man­nequin

• Ex­haust sys­tem for truck bays

• Fixes to the depart­ment’s back ramp

• Roll up doors and elec­tronic door open­ers

to over­load the


If granted, the re­quest would in­crease area rates for any­one liv­ing within the Kentville Vol­un­teer Fire Depart­ment’s district, which in­clude Coldbrook, Brook­lyn Cor­ner, Tup­per Lake, Ayles­ford Lake, McGee lake, North River, North Al­ton, South Al­ton, Wel­ton’s Cor­ner, West Canaan, For­est Home, Blue Moun­tain, Mur­phy Lake, Gaspereau Lake, Hwy 12 to the County Line, Kentville, North Kentville, Alder­shot, Steam Mill, Cen­ter­ville, Gib­son Woods Road, Northville, Bill­town, Lakeville and Mead­owview.




Sec­ond deputy fire chief Scott Hamil­ton stands with the firetrucks in the bay area of the depart­ment. He and other depart­ment mem­bers will be at the Feb. 28 area rate meet­ing, held at 7 p.m. in­side the hall’s au­di­to­rium.

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