Don’t Stop Run­ning

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the ‰‡”‘’ B.J. McHugh holds marathon world record for an 88­year­old by an as­tound­ing 92 min­utes…and that’s just one of dozens of other age­based run­ning feats. Now 89 years old, the for­mer nurse is tak­ing abreak from run­ning for the time be­ing—but only be­cause she slipped get­ting oŸ the podium at an award cer­e­mony for ath­letic achieve­ment. Q: Where did you spend your child­hood? A: I grew up in On­tario, one of eight kids. I grew up in the De­pres­sion, so Ilearned to make do. We lived on afarm east of Toronto; my par­ents pulled me out of classes each spring to work in the elds.

Q: When did you start run­ning?

A: Ial­ways skied and played tennis, but I didn’t start run­ning un­til my 50s. I ran my rst marathon at 55—when I was still smok­ing!

Q: Do you have as­pe­cial diet?

A: I eat every­thing and any­thing. Break­fast this morn­ing was oat­meal, a boiled egg and grapefruit. I have steak ev­ery Satur­day night.

Q: Whatabout­drink­ing?

A: I have a glass of shiraz ev­ery night, even be­fore a marathon. It’s part of my daily rou­tine.

Q: Will you be run­ning for­ever?

A: Run­ning gets the heart rate up. You get that high; noth­ing takes the place of run­ning. I think I would nd life with­out it ter­ri­bly bor­ing.

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