New 911 Car­rera T proves light is right


The Porsche 911 comes in as many flavours as ice cream, but the new 911 Car­rera T aims to un­der­cut them all in that most vi­tal statis­tic for sports cars: weight.

At 1,452 kilo­grams, the two-seater is 20 kg lighter than a 911 Car­rera with com­pa­ra­ble equip­ment. Why does it mat­ter? Stripped of some sound-dead­en­ing ma­te­rial, thin­ner rear glass, door straps in­stead of pulls and no back seats, the 911 T is meant for purists. The en­gine might be the same as in the base car, but sport ex­haust is stan­dard, as is a lim­ited-slip rear dif­fer­en­tial, Porsche’s sport sus­pen­sion sys­tem and 20-inch wheels. Sport seats with fab­ric in­serts are unique to this model, as are the steer­ing wheel and shifter for the seven-speed man­ual. A PDK is op­tional.

When is it com­ing? The 911 Car­rera T will be in Canada in spring 2018 and can be or­dered now, start­ing from $116,500.

Should you buy one? More ex­pen­sive than a base Car­rera, but less costly than a C2S, and with just the right per­for­mance op­tions, the 911 T might even be con­sid­ered a “bar­gain Porsche.”


The Porsche 911 Car­rera T is a “bar­gain.”

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