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Get­ting mar­ried can create a great deal of stress for the bride to be. As a friend, you’re in a good po­si­tion to see that. So here is a gift to of­fer her du­ring her en­ga­ge­ment par­ty or her hen par­ty: a bri­dal spa pa­ckage.

Of course these days more and more couples al­rea­dy live to­ge­ther be­fore they get mar­ried, which great­ly re­duces the list of gift ideas — no need for toas­ters and pots and pans! A day at the spa is an ideal gift that will give her some peace and re­laxa­tion be­fore the big day. Here is a brief over­view of what spas can of­fer you.

If you want to ac­com­pa­ny the fu­ture bride while she’s re­char­ging her bat­te­ries, opt for a spa that of­fers dif­ferent ther­mal baths. Your friend can start the day with a com­plete bo­dy scrub fol­lo­wed by a wrap treat­ment. Af­ter this, an es­the­ti­cian could give her a fa­cial that will make her skin ra­diant just in time for her wed­ding. Of course, you shouldn’t for­get a hand and foot treat­ment and, as a fi­nal touch, a re­laxing mas­sage.

Thin­king along the same lines, you could al­so choose a re­laxa­tion and beau­ty pa­ckage that would consist of two se­pa­rate vi­sits. Du­ring the first vi­sit, she would re­ceive a bo­dy scrub fol­lo­wed by a hot wax bo­dy hair re­mo­val, ma­king her skin feel like silk. Af­ter this, she could be­ne­fit from a mas­sage and a trial ma­keup ses­sion. Her se­cond vi­sit could in­clude hand care, a foot mas­sage, a ma­ni­cure, a pe­di­cure, as well as a com­plete ma­keup ses­sion.

This type of gift is real­ly ap­pre­cia­ted by most wo­men and is great for a group. What’s more, you won’t have to wor­ry if your gift will be ap­pre­cia­ted or use­ful. Eve­ry wo­man loves to be pam­pe­red and feel like a prin­cess, es­pe­cial­ly a few days be­fore her wed­ding!.

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