Long list of charges for theft case

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A Qué­bec man could al­most be a full do­cket just on his own when his case comes up in pro­vin­cial court in L’Ori­gnal la­ter in the year.

An­dy Mapp, 32, of St-Eus­tache, faces 18 charges un­der the Cri­mi­nal Code and the On­ta­rio High­way Act fol­lo­wing OPP in­ves­ti­ga­tion of an at­temp­ted theft of a wood­pro­ces­sing ma­chine from a pri­vate re­si­dence on Con­ces­sion Road 5 in Al­fred-Plan­ta­ge­net Town­ship. It all be­gan Aug. 10 when po­lice were cal­led af­ter mid­night about a thef­tin-pro­gress.

The cal­ler had sur­pri­sed the would-be thief in the act of dri­ving off in a pi­ckup truck with a Wal­len­stein mo­del wood pro­ces­sor at­ta­ched to it. The wood pro­ces­sor came un­hoo­ked from the pi­ckup and en­ded up hit­ting a ve­hicle be­lon­ging to the cal­ler.

OPP pa­trols re­por­ted a 2003 mo­del white Ford pi­ckup truck drive past a red light and stop si­gns at high speed. Const. Sté­pha­nie For­tin-Pro­vost in­ter­cep­ted the pi­ckup on Front Road in near­by Cham­plain Town­ship. He dis­co­ve­red through com­pu­ter re­cord check that Mapp, the dri­ver, had a sus­pen­ded li­cence and was in breach of past court-or­de­red re­lease condi­tions.

Mapp is now char­ged un­der the Cri­mi­nal Code with tres­pas­sing at night, theft of pro­per­ty va­lued over $5000, dri­ving while dis­qua­li­fied, pos­ses­sion of bur­gla­ry tools, fai­lure to stop at the scene of an ac­ci­dent, dan­ge­rous dri­ving, fai­lure to com­ply with a le­gal un­der­ta­king, fai­lure to com­ply with a le­gal re­co­gni­zance, and two counts of fai­lure to com­ply with the condi­tions of an un­der­ta­king gi­ven by an of­fi­cer in charge. He is al­so char­ged un­der the On­ta­rio High­way Act with stunt dri­ving, dri­ving a ve­hicle with its li­cence plate im­pro­per­ly dis­played, fai­lure to stop at a red light, along with two counts of dri­ving with a sus­pen­ded li­cence, and three counts of fai­lure to heed a stop si­gn.

Mapp’s pi­ckup truck was im­poun­ded for 45 days and he was kept in cus­to­dy pen­ding a bail hea­ring ap­point­ment at pro­vin­cial court in L’Ori­gnal.

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