Lit­tle Je­di

A Storm­troo­per, straight from the Em­pire, fist bumps lit­tle Ro­lan du­ring the Shack-Stock Fes­ti­val. The force was de­fi­ni­te­ly strong in this one.

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Blues, Folk and Rock & Roll was in the air at the 3rd edi­tion of Shack Stock, held on Sa­tur­day, Au­gust 20, at the pic­tu­resque Do­maine La­bra­dor on Lan­dry Street in Cla­rence Creek.

Lyne and Da­vid Sha­ck­le­ton or­ga­nize the fes­ti­val eve­ry year in me­mo­ry of Lyne’s mo­ther, Ri­ta, who pas­sed away from ova­rian can­cer. Thanks to them, the re­gion can be­ne­fit from Shack Stock’s ama­zing line-up of ta­len­ted mu­si­cians and song­wri­ters, all sin­ging and playing to fight ova­rian can­cer in the name of love and Ri­ta.

It was Ri­ta’s love of mu­sic that pu­shed Lyne and Da­vid to conjure all the strength and ener­gy to or­ga­nize such an event. It’s a fa­mi­ly friend­ly fes­ti­val for mu­sic (and beer) lo­vers who are loo­king for that Wood­stock feel wi­thout the hip­pies.

Two huge ponds lying in the middle of a green field of grass, with a fo­res­ted ba­ck­drop, contri­bu­ted to ma­king the do­main seem en­chan­ted. A cer­tain sense of peace could be felt, that is, un­til one ac­tual­ly step­ped in­to the fes­ti­val it­self. Giant in­fla­table play­grounds were tee­ming with kids; one was even in a shape of a Ja­pa­nese Do­jo, where young Bruce Lee en­thu­siasts could de­mons­trate their Kung Fu abi­li­ties against in­fla­table dum­mies. There was al­so a face-pain­ting sta­tion and even a Storm­troo­per who got a day off from the Em­pire to come and take pic­tures at the fes­ti­val. Fur­ther down were the ma­ny kiosks, bar­be­cue stand, and beer stall. All the way to the back was the stage upon which all of the ar­tists per­for­med that day.

At­ten­dees al­so got to sup­port lo­cal ven­dors, ar­ti­sans and, ob­vious­ly, par­ti­ci­pate in the fight against ova­rian can­cer. The line-up in­clu­ded Old Whis­key Road, Eric Mi­chael Hawks, Louis Be­land, Sha­ck­le­ton & Gau­vin, The So­nic De­fense, Kris­tine St-Pierre, Koo­pa, Nick Mar­tin, Eniid, The Haig, Alex Mer­paw, Lit­tle Dog, Tes­sa Duc, Jes­sy Lind­say and the ado­rable Hun­ter and Char­lye Swain.

ABOVE Eniid Good­man (aka Ca­rol)co­ve­ring Jo­ni Mit­chell, BE­LOW Alex Mer­paw per­for­ming, RIGHT one of the ma­ny kid friend­ly at­trac­tions

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