Alzheimer So­cie­ty launches Minds in Mo­tion pro­gram

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With gro­wing evi­dence lin­king a so­cial­ly, phy­si­cal­ly and men­tal­ly ac­tive lifestyle in hel­ping people to live bet­ter with de­men­tia, the Alzheimer So­cie­ty of Corn­wall and District has laun­ched its Minds in Mo­tion pro­gram to lo­cal re­si­dents throu­ghout the five coun­ties - the first will be star­ting in Corn­wall this month. The Minds in Mo­tion pro­gram com­bines exer­cise and in­tel­lec­tual sti­mu­la­tion.

The pro­gram will in­clude up to 60 mi­nutes of phy­si­cal exer­cise led by a trai­ned phy­si­cal ac­ti­vi­ty pro­gram lea­der, and up to 60 mi­nutes of men­tal­ly sti­mu­la­ting ac­ti­vi­ties fa­ci­li­ta­ted by a pro­gram co­or­di­na­tor. The pro­gram is de­li­ve­red week­ly over a per­iod of eight weeks.

“Re­gu­lar phy­si­cal ac­ti­vi­ty and men­tal sti­mu­la­tion are good for your health and your brain be­cause they en­cou­rage the de­ve­lop­ment of new cells and new connec­tions,” said Shel­ley Vaillancourt, exe­cu­tive di­rec­tor of the Alzheimer So­cie­ty of Corn­wall and District. “When com­bi­ned in a so­cial en­vi­ron­ment, the pro­gram al­so helps fos­ter a sense of in­de­pen­dence for people with de­men­tia and pro­motes the well-being of those who care for them.”

The ac­ti­vi­ties are tar­ge­ted for people with ear­ly to mid-stage Alzheimer’s di­sease or other types of de­men­tia, and their pri­ma­ry ca­re­ta­kers. The $20 fee per par­ti­ci­pant co­vers re­gis­tra­tion costs for the du­ra­tion of the course, which is eight conse­cu­tive weeks. Care part­ners are to re­gis­ter along with the per­son who is li­ving with de­men­tia.

“We heard from people li­ving with de­men­tia in the ear­ly stages, that they wan­ted to connect with other people who are li­ving a si­mi­lar jour­ney and that they wan­ted to be ac­tive in exer­cise and in in­tel­lec­tual sti­mu­la­tion,” ex­plai­ned Vaillancourt. “Now, we have been gran­ted the op­por­tu­ni­ty to of­fer Minds in Mo­tion to meet this re­quest.”

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De­vant les in­di­ca­tions crois­santes à l’ef­fet qu’un mode de vie so­cia­le­ment, phy­si­que­ment et men­ta­le­ment ac­tif aide les gens à vivre mieux avec la dé­mence, la So­cié­té Alzheimer de Corn­wall et District a lan­cé son pro­gramme Minds in Mo­tion aux ré­si­dents des cinq com­tés - le pre­mier com­men­ce­ra à Corn­wall ce mois-ci. Le pro­gramme Minds in Mo­tion as­so­cie l’exer­cice et la sti­mu­la­tion in­tel­lec­tuelle. On peut re­con­naî­treSa­bri­na McTag­gart et Li­sa Her­ja­vec, qui ont com­plé­té leur for­ma­tion afin d’of­frir le pro­gramme à la com­mu­nau­té.

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