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“De­pen­ding on who consumes it and how, can­na­bis can have ne­ga­tive ef­fects on an in­di­vi­dual’s health in the short and long terms.”

Smo­king ma­ri­jua­na is now le­gal In Ca­na­da as of Oc­to­ber 17 and the re­gio­nal health unit has laun­ched a new pu­blic awareness cam­pai­gn about ma­ri­jua­na and Its risks. The Eas­tern On­ta­rio Heath Unit (EOHU) crea­ted a spe­cial Can­na­bis Q&A sec­tion on its web­site at­na­bis. which pro­vides ea­sy-to-un­ders­tand in­for­ma­tion on can­na­bis. al­so knovm as ma­ri­jua­na. 'We're laun­ching Ihis­carn­cei­gn to re­mind the pu­blic that while can­na­bis will won be le­gal. its consump­tion still pre­sents heatlh ries." sta­ted Dr. Paul Rou­mel­lo­tis. EOHU me­di­cal health of­fi­cer. In a press re-lease. `De­pen­ding on who consumes lt and how. can­na­bis can have ne­ga­tive ef­fects on an in­di­vi­duals health in the short and long terms. We know that youth and young adults are at the hi­ghest tisk of ne­ga­tive health im­pacts from can­na­bis use. It's the­re­fore the rote of pu­blic health to make sure in­di­vi­duals make In­for­med de­ci­sions when It cornes to can­na­bis use" The web­site ad­di­tion In­cludes In­for­ma­tion on Ca­na­dien laws dea­ling with ma­ri­jua­na, In­clu­ding the new le­ga­li­za­tion of the sub­stance in the coun­try, and de­tails on the ef­fects of ma­ri­jua­na on a per­son's ge­ne­ral health and on their abi­li­ty to func­tion while "high'. The EOHU al­so crea­ted a vi­deo sertes. 'Le­gal doesn't mean harm­less' concer­ning myths and mi­sun­ders­tan­dings about ma­qua­na use. A serres of pu­blic ser­vice ads from the health unit will al­so be aval­lable on lo­cal ra­dio. on-screen at Corn­wall's Ga­laxy Theatre. and through so­cial me­dia. The EOHU. in part­ner­ship with com­mu­ni­ty groups, has al­so heid a sertes of pu­blic in­for­ma­tion and dis­cus­sion fo­rums for pa­rents. youth. and other in­ter­es­ted per­sons, prior to Me Oc­to­ber 17 le­ga­li­za­tion date for ma­ri­jua­na use in Ca­na­da. Part of the foc us of Me fo­rums was to ex­plain how smo­king ma­ri­jua­na, like drin­king al­co­hol, can af­fect a per­son's abi­li­ty to drive, ope­rate hea­vy ma­chi­ne­ry, or do other tasks that could re­sult in ac­ci­dents.

Dri­ving while on ma­ri­jua­na now is sub­ject to the same pe­nal­ties as drI­ving while im­pai­red by al­co­hol. Al­so anyone who is 21 or youn­ger. A no­vice dri­ver or a com­mer­cial truck dri­ver is not al­lo­ved to drive Mile ha­ving traces of ma­ri­jua­na in their sys­tem. As of Oc­to­ber 17, in­di­vi­dual pur­chase and pos­ses­sion of small amounts of ma­ri­jua­na for per­so­nal use is now le­gal. The pro­vin­cial go­vern­ment is re­vi­sing On­ta­ries pu­blic smo­king re­gu­la­tions to in­clude ma­ri­jua­na. The On­ta­rio go­vem­ment has an onlIne or­de­ring and sup­ply sys­tem set up for pur-chase of up to 30 grams of non-rne­di­ci­nal ma­ri­jua­na through the On­ta­rio Can­na­bis Store (OCS) webslte. Indl­vi­duals w lI al­so be able to grow a maxi­mum of four ma­qua­na plants at home for rer­so­nal use. Fe­de­ral and pro­vin­cial re­gu­la­tions state that the Omit is four plants per hou­se­hold, not per per­son in the hou­se­hold.


Fu­mer de la ma­ri­jua­na est main­te­nant lé­gal au Ca­na­da de­puis le 17 oc­tobre et le Bu­reau de san­té de l’est de l’On­ta­rio a lan­cé une nou­velle cam­pagne de sen­si­bi­li­sa­tion du pu­blic sur la ma­ri­jua­na et ses risques.

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