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The Clarence Creek Cas­tors put out the West Car­le­ton In­fer­no’s flame 4-2 Sa­tur­day night on the road over the No­vem­ber 3 wee­kend. A Sun­day home game with the North Dun­das Ro­ckets fi­ni­shed with a six-all over­time tie-up.

Sco­ring singles for Clarence Creek Sa­tur­day night were Aus­tin La­prade, Lo­gan Le­febvre, Pa­trick Le­may, and Na­than Me­lée. As­sists came from Le­febvre, Le­may, Ty­ler Ba­ker, and Clif­ford Mat­thew. An­drew La­ri­vière guar­ded the net. In­fer­no goals came from Co­lin Gour­gon and Ben­ja­min Me­dyns­ki with as­sists from Char­lie Arm­strong, Con­nor Jones, and Ryan Nugent. Alexan­der Miot­la was in the net.

Sun­day af­ter­noon’s home game saw the Cas­tors and the Ro­ckets ham­mer at each through each re­gu­lar per­iod and in­to a sco­re­less over-time ses­sion. Both teams had to set­tle for a 6-6 tie.

Me­lée sco­red two points for Clarence Creek with single goals co­ming from Clif­ford, La­prade, Le­may, and Sa­muel Gau­det. As­sis­ting were Clif­ford, Le­febvre, Le­may, Me­lée, and Sam Pa­quette. Co­rey Ca­mie­rand guar­ded the net.

Ro­ckets Cap­tain Brad­ley Stitt pun­ched in a pair of goals. Single points came from As­sis­tant Cap­tains Bro­die Bark­ley and Con­nor Roth, and from Phi­lippe Bru­net and Jus­tin Le­febvre. As­sis­ting were Le­febvre, Roth, Stitt, Mat­thew Cow­ley, Brad Nash, Car­ter Tait, and Will Wat­son. Reilly Ton­dreau blo­cked the net.

Clarence Creek hosts Ga­ti­neau Re­mem­brance Day af­ter­noon over the No­vem­ber 11 wee­kend.


Les Aigles de St-Isi­dore clip­ped the Ga­ti­neau Hull-Vo­lant 3-1 du­ring their No­vem­ber 2 road game in Ga­ti­neau. Sun­day at home they poun­ded the By­town Royals 12-5.

Ja­cob Bru­nette pun­ched in a pair of goals for St-Isi­dore against the Vo­lant with Ni­cko­las Roy tal­lying a single. Goal as­sists came from Za­cka­ry Bou­gie, Kal­vin Cor­mier, Ty­ler Druce, Ke­vin How­son, and Fré­dé­rik La­flèche. Lu­cas De Vries guar­ded the St-Isi­dore net.

Si­mon Hu­pé sco­red the lone Ga­ti­neau goal with help from Ber­trand Cé­drik.

Sun­day against the Royals saw Ke­vin How­son with a four-goal hat trick for StI­si­dore, while Ri­chard Cayer and Ty­ler Druce each tal­lied a pair of goals. Sco­ring singles to round out the score were Bou­gie, Bru­nette, La­flèche, and Je­re­my Ar­bour. Goal as­sists came from Bou­gie, Bru­nette, Cor­mier, Druce, How­son, La­flèche, Alexis Le­clerc, and Pa­trick Ran­ger. De Vries guar­ded the net.

William Lac­ha­pelle sco­red two goals for the Royals with singles from Noah Da­nis, Lui­gi Pe­lo­so, and Jo­shua Re­naud. As­sis­ting were Jo­na­than Cau­chon, Ni­cki Demps­ter, Alexandre Dionne, Na­than Go­nyou, and Ni­co­las Loyer. Tye Agar­dy and Da­nik Ger­vais sha­red goal­kee­ping du­ty.

St-Isi­dore hosts Vank­leek Hill Re­mem­brance Day eve­ning over the No­vem­ber 11 wee­kend.

Vank­leek Hill

The Vank­leek Hill Cou­gars ad­ded ano­ther win to their re­cord this sea­son in the Na­tio­nal Ca­pi­tal Ju­nior Hockey League. The Cou­gars beat the Ga­ti­neau Hull-Vo­lant 6-4 at home over the first wee­kend of No­vem­ber.

The Cou­gars do­mi­na­ted first per­iod, with three unans­we­red goals. Ga­ti­neau got on­to the sco­re­board in se­cond per­iod but could not close the gap the Cou­gars had made.

Sco­ring for Vank­leek Hill were Ryan Al­len and Ni­ko­las Ayotte with two goals each. Single points came from Ni­co­las Cas­ton­guay and Jo­na­than Le­blanc. As­sis­ting on the goals were Cas­ton­guay, Le­blanc, Shayne Al­len, Ty­ler Do­pel­ha­mer, Jus­tin La­brosse, Keean McEa­chern, and Ja­cob Vic­tor. Sé­bas­tien Mo­reau guar­ded the Vank­leek Hill net.

Ber­trand Cé­drik sco­red two points for Ga­ti­neau with team­mates Ma­thieu Des Ruis­seaux and Je­re­my Tru­deau tal­lying singles. Cé­drik, Des Ruis­seaux, and De­nis Grat­ton as­sis­ted on goals, with Mit­chell Alas­tair and Alex Oui­met sha­ring goal­kee­ping du­ty.

The Cou­gars are in St-Isi­dore Re­mem­brance Day eve­ning over the No­vem­ber 11 wee­kend.


Clarence Creek a bat­tu West Car­le­ton 4-2 sa­me­di mais a dû se conten­ter d’un match nul di­manche contre North Dun­das. Clarence Creek ac­cueille Ga­ti­neau le 11 no­vembre.

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